Takanori Gomi could meet BJ Penn in only his second fight for the UFC, company president Dana White says, provided he gets past Kenny Florian first and Penn is still the lightweight champion after he fights Frankie Edgar on April 12th.

In an excerpt from a forthcoming interview with Japanese magazine Gong, White says “Kenny Florian is one of the top lightweight fighters. If Gomi beats Kenny, that’s going to get a lot of attention from many people – including BJ Penn.

“But BJ has a fight with Frankie Edgar in Abu Dhabi on 4/12 and Gomi still needs to fight Kenny. So until that happens we can’t make a decision. But I’ll tell you, if Gomi beats Kenny, I definitely will consider a match with BJ.”

Gomi was the PRIDE FC lightweight champion from early 2006 until the organisation shut down a year later. He and Penn have fought once before, with Gomi losing by submission in the third round of their 2003 match for Hawaiian promotion Rumble on the Rock.

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  1. humbug Said,

    Of course Dana will consider Gomi to take on Penn if he wins. Even Gomi fighting Penn now is more interesting than the other options available.

    Gomi better win… Florian winning and possibly getting a rematch with Penn so soon is yawn inducing. First time around Florian looked like a dog humping Penn's leg for 3 rounds and then Penn deciding it wasn't worth testing his endurance for 5 rounds if this was all that was going to happen and finishing it in the 4th.


    BJ just needs to go ahead and destroy the much too small Edgar and start his march towards another fight with GSP. Penn fighting almost any ww will be much more exciting and bigger than taking on what's left in the lw division, although if Gomi completely destroys Kenflo (if he can catch him), then that would set up a huge rematch and would be worth BJ remaining at lw for one more fight.

    Otherwise BJ vs the winner of Fitch/Alves would make the most sense, seeing as GSP dominated both of these guys and there wouldn't be a big interest in rematches with either no matter who wins.

  3. Kman Said,

    Hey Dana, you might want to consider re-word your statement, “if Gomi beats Kenny, I’ll definitely consider giving him BJ.” I mean, do you want to be quoted saying "I’ll definitely consider giving him BJ.” Not that there is anything wrong with that, a mans sexual preference is his own business. People are allowed to be who there are. Do you know if Gomi shares your sexual proclivities? It’s not up to you to out somebody else.

  4. ANW Said,

    He said " I'll give him BJ" not " I'll give him A BJ " And I think Tyson Griffin should be next in line it's been over two years since he lost to Frankie E and he is a much more well rounded fighter than he was then. Plus i think he got robbed in the shirk fight which was his only other loss in the UFC

  5. CLUBGP.COM Said,

    How is this news?

  6. madona Said,

    florian will be afraid to srtike with gomi, exchange just enough for the take down and try to win by elbow cut. gomi can take any ufc light weight exept for bj. go gomi



  8. Robert Said,


  9. Robert Said,

    Hell chea! Gomi needs to put the fire back into 'The Fireball Kid' and get that cardio in order. Kenny has nothing on Gomi's beastly standup or iron chin.

  10. Jdogtoocool Said,

    It's pretty f***ed up how Dana automatically thinks Edgar is gonna lose against BJ Penn. We all know it's gonna happen but it must suck for Frankie…

  11. sessions247 Said,

    Gomi doesn't deserve a shot at BJ so soon. He needs to beat more then one top contender before he gets a shot at the best. He got his ass whooped be Nick Diaz in the very last PRIDE (I went and seen it live in Vegas). Even though BJ lost to Frankie Edgar he is still one of the top 3 in the world at 155. He just let himself get taken out of his element more then once. It was just a pride thing he let get in the way and focused to much on trying to knock Frankie out. He turned around and ripped through Matt Hughes. Something Frankie can't do. Not to mention all the people coming from WEC. Make him move through the ranks like everyone else. Thats the problem with UFC bringing in fighters from other organizations. They give them credit for things they did in the past, and forget about fighters who have been working hard in the present for the UFC. Thats what they've allowed most of the PRIDE fighters to do and it's not fair. Might i remind you Wanderlei got his ass whooped by DAN HENDERSON. They both lost fights, but who is still getting opportunities? I bet Gomi couldn't even keep up with someone like Clay Guida. Or have him face Donnald Cerrone when he comes up. But don't give him a shot at BJ so soon. He'll sell fights with a lot of fighters. DON'T RUSH IT!

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