Garcia vs. Zombie Post fight pic

Posted by MMA-Hits On April - 25 - 2010

Garcia and Jung earned their “fight of the night” awards for an epic fight and banking $65,000 each.

Leonard Garcia wrote: I told my brother before this fight that we’re probably gonna end up riding to the hospital together – and it came true

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  1. MMAfan Said,

    freakin' awesome fight and cool picture. love it when fighters duke it out and are cool after an epic battle.

  2. Morg Said,

    They're probably still chuffed with their $65000 bonus'!


    great fight. not sure why the decision went to Garcia. the "Korean Zombie" did the more significant amount of damage and pressed the fight more. But Garcia is the more known of the two and that unfortunately means something in the judges eyes sometimes.

  4. jon jon Said,

    thanks guys for choosing the hospital i work at love the fight guys

  5. Rashad Said,

    Yea the "Korean Zombie" won but regardless, that was as good if not better than Griffin vs. Bonnar

  6. 707 - wtf Said,

    korean zombie should have got the nod for sure…


    Once again, best fight of the night, if not the year, no need to go into who won the fight, that's been done enough on the last post. The "w' is always important to get, but in situations like this, their are no losers, they both have elevated themselves into the spotlight and fans will beg for more, if not a rematch. I've never heard of Jung before this fight, but you better believe I'll be looking for him from now on. Awsome that they both got an EXTRA $65k in the bank for this NHB performance.

  8. Kimbo Said,

    Awesome fight! Silva could learn something from watching these guys!

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