UFC 65: Brandon Vera Vs Frank Mir – fight video

Posted by MMA-Hits On June - 24 - 2009

UFC 65 – Bad Intentions
Ultimate Fighting Championship
November 18, 2006
ARCO Arena,
Sacramento, California

Frank Mir faces Brandon “The Truth” Vera @ UFC 65 – Bad Intentions in Nov. ‘06.

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7 Responses so far
  1. Coach Rollie Said,

    That was a nice performance by Vera. I’d actually like to see a rematch though. Frank Mir has improved a lot since then.

  2. jayson Said,

    the video isnt working anymore

  3. MMA-Hits Said,

    Fixed thank you

  4. Weirdo Said,

    Sometimes UFC doesn’t make any sense. Frank Mir beats Tim Silvia easily. Most fighters beat Silvia these days lol. Yet Brandon Vera lost to Tim Silvia! but Brandon Vera beats Mir here rather quick DoH! Yet Frank Mir took and endured 2 rounds of several hammerfists to his cranium from Brock Lesnars mass while being compromised under him. Weird sometimes I don’t get it which makes perfect sense. Yes it does … No it don’t

  5. moham Said,

    MMAths dose not work

  6. stefan Said,

    the video does not work

  7. allsaints, allsaints clothing Said,


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