WEC 48: Leonard Garcia vs. Chan Sung Jung

Posted by MMA-Hits On April - 24 - 2010

WEC 48 – Aldo vs. Faber
World Extreme Cagefighting
April 24, 2010
Arco Arena,
Sacramento, California, United States

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59 Responses so far
  1. RawbSkrilla Said,

    lol how did this get posted already im currently watching it on atdhe LOL

  2. The Guinea Pig Said,

    Freaking awesome fight! Both are zombie fighters.

  3. ramie78 Said,

    Garcia lost that fight and got super lucky that the judges gave him that fight. What the hell were they watching? Chan Sung Jung Kicked his ass!!!

  4. MaxTheMoe Said,

    I Loved this fight. but i dont ever want to see FAVORITISM in MMA and this is an example. either for current political reasons of simply for esthetic ones. GREAT FIGHT. but The Korean Zombie won. Gracias for understanding

  5. 707 - wtf Said,

    good shit – was better than the ppv…. :P

  6. wtf wtf Said,

    They should just pick people randomly from the crowd to referee!

    Korean Zombie is going to be exciting :)

  7. irontag Said,

    Dam great fight i did not give the zombie a chance but how the hell did he lost judges must be betting on the fight dumb ass judge

  8. Kick-Ass Said,

    That was payback for Roy Jones Jr. losing the gold in the 1988 Seoul Olympics!

  9. toocoolforshoess Said,

    Whaaat, Jung won that.

  10. bosly Said,

    wow zombie won that fight for sure.
    i would of never thought it was his first fight in the states. he made gomi and aoki look like crap lol. im definitely a new jung fan.

  11. bosly Said,

    yup, and it only took 22 years…lol idiot.


    wooooow new fighter to look out for , The Korean Zombie.
    I had Jung win the first round, even in the second, and Garcia fought smarter in the third


    LOL, that was definitely payback!!!!


    Great action packed fight, I've been a Garcia fan since his war with Roger Huerta, he never disappoints when his opponent will shoot it out with him.

  15. guest Said,

    How dare they boo after that epic brawl.

  16. Rei Said,

    I love the Zombie…Seeing him fight Kanehara in Dream and thought he got robbed in the fight too. Always pours his heart out in every fight but he never knocks anyone out and always loses in the judges decision. Great Fight!

  17. MavV Said,

    Never heard of the Jung and I thought he'd get beat, but by the end of the third round, I had him winning the fight.
    Fight of the Decade candidate for sure.

  18. Joobs Said,

    They were booing the fact that the Zombie got robbed. I have to give it to American fans, I thought they would be happy that thier own won. The judges decision amounts to racial discrimination. Zombie won that fight, both fighters fought their hearts out, what an awesome fight. Garcia did a great job to hang on, but when you have such an incredible hard fought match, it completely ruins it to have a joke decision like that. It is not good enough to say "that's what happens when you leave it to the judges". Complete disrespect for the sport these douchebag judges.

  19. sda Said,

    Craziest fight ever…

  20. hoalan Said,

    how did jung lost he knock the other guy down 2 time on 2rd round he got his back and try to rear neck chock
    i did't see anything from other guy. am new to mma but this look fix to me.

  21. 7headvic Said,

    thats stupid, he kept backing off the whole time

  22. tom Said,

    even though two judges got it wrong at least these guys get 65 grand each for fight of the night! they deserve it!

  23. The-One Said,

    The fight was crazy, "NEVER LEAVE IT UP TO THE JUDGES" Jung won but hats off the Garcia….. Judges are stupid they dont know MMA from a PDA ;-)

  24. Morg Said,

    Never leave it up to the judges? They didn't try to, they both went all out to kill eachother in the first! Such and epic fight!

  25. PHD Said,

    "to referee"? Have someone proof read your shit before you post!

  26. Peter Hardwood Said,

    Yep…gotta love Garcia fights!

  27. OpBZ Said,

    he had a broke hand in the first round soooo suck a dick and stop bitching HE WON

  28. drunkentiger Said,

    korean zombie won that hands down….he landed the harder shots and just kept putting on the pressure

  29. MavV Said,

    Maybe it's a fix, but I believe it's not uncommon for foreigners to lose closely contested matches. It's true for non-japanese fighting in in Japan and it's true for non-americans fighting in the US. So judging bias is probably part of it.

    The bigger issue is that the judges are probably stupid.

  30. john graver Said,

    koreans and japonese would be good if they ever learned how to cut weight right.. they seem so much smaller than the americans.. korean zombie arm looked like a needle..

  31. Hann Solo Said,

    Jung won no doubt. Thats how real fighters fight, with balls

  32. hop Said,

    jung w in this is ufc fix

  33. WEC Tonight - Boris Poker Forums Said,

    [...] WEC Tonight KOREAN ZOMBIE IS GOD /prelim fight WEC 48: Leonard Garcia vs. Chan Sung Jung | MMA Hits – Mixed Martial Arts Videos And News, From UFC,… And the ppv Watch / Download – fastpasstv.com_WEC.48.PPV.HDTV.XviD-XS.avi – CinShare [...]

  34. slc Said,

    PHD is a CUNT, and a moron. Wtf's sentence makes perfect sense.

  35. Rei Said,

    Sengoku Not Dream Sorry!!!


    NO, it doesn't make sense, the referee had nothing to do with the decision, as a matter of fact, the referee did a magnificent job, I didn't even know there was a ref in the cage with these guys and that's how it should be. PHD is being a little harsh, he could've just let "wtf wtf" know that he probably mean't to say "pick people randomly from the crowd to JUDGE".

    So calling PHD a moron makes you look like . . . . . . well, like a moron. NO OFFENSE, THOUGH

  37. Jay Park Said,

    Jung definitely won! Damn! He absorbed a lot of punishment. What an iron chin! He reminds me of Chris Leben. Jung definitely needs to return! Good way to represent South Korea!

  38. Brian McDonald Said,

    SIMPLY AMAZING! I was rooting for Garcia but man…. THAT ASIAN DUDE CAN BANG! MAJOR PROPS TO ZOMBIE. I am now a Fan. I think the Korean fighters are coming up…theyre better than the Japanese as of late.

  39. El Matador Said,

    it was a good fight. Im sure all of you retards have experience in judging and that's why we should trust you instead of the judges at ringside. get a life Garcia won because the judges scored it that way round for round. losers.

  40. Kadasaur Said,

    Such an inspirational fight! Garcia's endurance is second to non in the UFC fighters' ring ( although Griffin is still my absolute favourite!! ) I hope to see Garcia improve on his martial arts techniques now that everyone has seen his ability to endure anything!

    Both fighters are absolute warriors!! My deepest respect to them both!!

  41. Lee Said,

    How can you possibly complain in any way after a gift of a fight like that, who gives a shit who won.

  42. Ansem Said,

    What do they have to do anything with Jung? Gomi and Aoki are Japanese.

  43. eric Said,

    if you really watch the zombie is just throwing his arms out there, not much power behind it and you can see especially when garcia drops his hands gets hits in the head several times while smiling. We as MMA fans know damn well knock-outs occur. Noone could sustain a barage of head punches if there was power behind it. The zombie really was just throwing his hands alot while garcia was smarter and harder. Garcia won most exchanges so he won the fight.

  44. Aaike Said,

    i have to agree with most of you. Jung absolutly won that battle. i am very disappointed in the judges. it does not make sense at all. Jung pretty much dominated the whole fight.

  45. mentalmetal Said,

    really disgusting decision. the racism is obvious. jung knocked down garcia in the first round. staggered garcia in the second. just look at garcia's face for god's sake. i'm glad at least the audience didn't by that shit decision.

  46. Benjaco Said,


  47. William Said,

    The only way, I think the best way this fight should have ended with a double knock out. both knock the other out at the same time in the last 10 seconds

  48. mmajunkie Said,

    what a fuckin brawl let these guys go ten rounds every night!!!!
    Id fuckin pay every time!

  49. top doggy Said,

    omg BEST FIGHT EVER! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! shane about the decision tho

  50. john Said,

    Wow great fight from both guys. As Dana says "dont leave it in the hands of the Judges"

  51. :)))) Said,

    he meant to say judge. whatevers no biggie

  52. mike Said,

    You fucking idiot. It's his stupid ass fault for breaking his own hand. That means that bitch doesn't know how to fucking fight. And he lost hands down, go get your eyes fixed you blind fuck!

  53. mike Said,

    your such a fucking idiot.

  54. Pen Said,

    Oh I see, so ducking, dodging, running away with his head between his hands means winning most exchanges huh. Ok. Gotcha. You stupid shit.

  55. theosufanatic77 Said,

    no losers in this one both are true champions with the most heart i ever saw from 2 people

  56. white person Said,

    Thats cause the korean zombies arms were 3 inches longer than garcias. Korean ZOMBIE WON. fuck Garcia. Judges love Garcia and hate asians. In a few years we shall all hear about how garcia bribes judges.

  57. white kid. Said,

    your a Garcia fan thats why

  58. ufc/mma - Page 2 - Stick Sports Community Said,

    [...] ufc/mma WEC 48: Leonard Garcia vs. Chan Sung Jung | MMA Hits – Mixed Martial Arts Videos And News, From UFC,… THIS thought the rematch was not as good [...]

  59. pozycjonowanie Said,

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