UFC 100: Brock Lesnar vs. Frank Mir 2 – fight video

Posted by MMA-Hits On July - 11 - 2009

UFC 100 – Lesnar vs Mir 2
Ultimate Fighting Championship
July 11, 2009
Mandalay Bay Events Center,
Las Vegas, Nevada

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  1. scott Said,

    brock dont deserve to be in ufc needs to learn what sportsmanship is sorry excuse for a champ he sucks and i never watch him fight ever again

  2. Big Jim Said,

    Dana thats a girls name, but you so called promotor, do you god dam job then the fans want to see vedor vs brock now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. faisal Said,

    for brocks fans, i just wanna say that we win. and frank mir fans get the fuck out of here cause u guys running ur mouth too much and will ended like mir.yeaHHHHHH

  4. Fedor The Czar Said,

    I'm not a Mir fan but this fight was complete bull, Brock showed that the fans are right to booo and that he is all about "money and entertainment", the UFC is slowly becoming the new WWE all about the money but in this guys really do fuck each other up, there's no more class and Brock is a piece of shit not a champ, and dont ever say that Henderson is the same Henderson fought ruthlessly because Bisbing is a Douche bag and an ASSHOLE that has no talent. Fendor wont beat Brock he would Reap Brock's soul, then eat it for strength. Dana's fagot ass wont let that happen because it would make his UFC look like shit. DANA YOU ARE A PUSSY

  5. Big Jim Said,

    Brock the rock lesner! he kicked mir’s ass period!!

  6. Big Jim Said,

    Did i also tell you there not politicans they are fighter’s ( u rock brock!!! )

  7. Big Jim Said,

    what will it take to get vedor and brock together? Dana white should make that happen!!!!

  8. m Said,

    lesnar beat mir, but lesnar would never dream of beating someone like fedor. mir is 1/4 the fighter fedor is.

  9. BEN Said,

    Hell yes! Brock is my new favorite fighter! Mir is a tool who got lucky the first time and Brock is just a good ole boy. Total Domination by Brock.

  10. Nate Said,

    Mir got raped by Brock no joke hell yeah!

  11. brock fan Said,

    brock is the shit. you're all upset bc you're all pussies!! scarred to get in the ring and fight anyone. BROCK is the most dominate fighter, and noone will ever beat him! fucking pussises all of you who bad mouth lesnar!! PUSSIES!! got a problem with that im here in new york ask me where and we'll have a fight of our own, PUSSIES!!!

  12. Mark Snare Said,

    this is the difference between great champs like Liddell and crap like Brock, Chuck stood up and gave a great fight, Brock just uses every piece of shit dirty tactic to win. A win isnt just a win, greatness means doing it in style. Throw Lesnar out he’s bringing the UFC down with his lack of class.

  13. fedor Said,

    UFC is horrible! Only ufc would have a WWF wrestler as there champ. Anderson Silva is only respectable one. No one in ufc could step up to fedor.

  14. Ranger Said,

    …OR maybe the other fighters should raise their level and fight better than Lesnar does? “Dirty tactics….” crycry LAWL? Cmon, UFC is all about money and entertainment. Brock’s size is dominant and with the skills he has; he is unbeatable.

  15. Wade Said,

    FUCK BROCK, that fuckin baby huey is such a douche. no class and respect at all. I pray the next person he fights breaks his fuckin arm so i can watch him cry.


  16. O.J Said,

    mir was talkin a lot of shit seems like he couldnt back it up

  17. Josh Said,

    I dont care what any of you think… Frank Mir was talking shit after the UFC 81 fight, he won using a rather cheap (but still legal) move.

    Frank Mir is a trash talking son of a bitch and diserved every single punch in the face he got.

    And dude, that wasnt just a rape… that was a straight up gangbang from 265 pounds of beat-tha-fuck-out-your-face manpower.

    and the best part, BROCK LESNER DRINKS COORS LIGHT!!!!! HELL YEAH!!!!

  18. dean Said,


  19. eddy Said,

    brock may have dominated mir but fedor would face rape brock for 24 minutes before knocking his big, dick tattoed chest back to the wwe.

  20. Thor Said,

    Mir should learn that talking trash will eventually get your ass beat down, Brock dominated and was correct in that Mir got lucky last time.

  21. brock is boss Said,

    So if brock is so unsporting then look at Mir. He talked way more trash then Lesnar did and he even ripped on him being a gorilla. Well a big fuckin gorilla destroyed Mir and Mir should stfu now. Lesnar is the champ.

  22. monkeythefunkyjunky Said,

    MIR got his ass handed to him and thas it all you motherfuckers talking about brock has no class hey IDIOTS this is U TO THE MUTHAFUKIN FC this aint no patty cake bullshit what class do you need?BROCK fucked up MIR UFC style and and that’s it stop hatin on the man !!

  23. Brian Said,

    “What grown man has blond hair.”


  24. paul12345 Said,

    all of the brock haters why dont you just get a life he was in the wwe and earnd millions of it who wouldent do that and hes came from the wwe to ufc to EARN a shot at the championship and hes won so why dont you all get out of your arsses and repesct what hes done becouse he would destory each and every one of you !

  25. seekdiddy Said,

    thought mir would win but lesnar brought his brain with his brawn…for those of you offended by lesnar’s attitude put yourself in his shoes…young talented guy, avenging a stinging defeat to a cocky opponent…must be difficult to turn off the adrenaline throttle…were his antics necessary, nope…will i give him the benefit of the doubt, yep…congrats brock…frank, i hope your brain hasn’t turned to tapioca…keep coming back both of youz guys, you are both tremendous fighters.

  26. Chris Said,

    Omg quit whining you mir fans… I knew when brock won you would all still talk shit! And brock apologized for what he did after the fight! And who is the fucking dumb ass that said wwf? That organization has not been around for what 10 years now? And we do have Great fighters Lyoto? What about GSP? we have 2 of the top pound for pound fighters in the world ! Fedor is the top heavyweight but we got the top fighters so go fuck all of you haters cuz the ufc is a billion dollar industry now and wamma dream afliction can never catch up! Fedor will come to the ufc soon and then he will fight good fighters not those chinks hes been fighting

  27. Chris Said,

    Lesnar beat Mir half to hell and he was just worked up about everything because of all the trash talking coming from Mir and after watching the first fight and how bogus it was I’d be pissed too. He got his revenge and he doesn’t care about being politically correct like everyone else does, he says it like it is. Anyways he apologized for all the on ESPN later on after the fight.

    Look up “man” in the dictionary, there will just be a picture of Brock Lesnar!

  28. SP1DER Said,

    some of you guys above are bringing some sort of suburban youth analysis, political view, antagonist belief to fighting….like Fedor said “Things are much simpler in reality.” I don’t know what world you all are living in but this video is reality not your make believe fairy land. It’s a fight. And if it was a street fight it would of been worse. So what. You negative nancy’s. Suck yer mum and move out of your parents house.

  29. F MIR Said,

    frank mir sucks ass period…………and brock lesnar is hands down one of the largest mother fuckers ive ever seen fight. Bring on fedor…it would be a phenomenal fight. And so what if UFC is turning into WWF….ufc is real and its all about the money in every fucking sport you dumbasses. Brock tells it like it is…he's a straight foward hard ass mother fucker that is perfect for this sport.

  30. Sillix Said,

    I laugh at all u guys who talk class and stuff dont dis brock because hes got his own style lol if i was him i would have jumped on mirs face lol fucking goof talks so much shit sp1ders right if it was street mir would be in a coma dreaming about his ass woopin for the rest of his life i just wish brock fucked him up more and ripped his face apart fuck all u who saybrock is brinning ufc down i think mostly everyone who payed for the ppv like me were paying to see brock kill mir lol so take ur gays and shove ur head up there and fight for air cause we all know ur trying to fight a losing battle u fucking faggots

  31. Robb Said,

    Well as I can see there are alot of emotions flying around here. I’m sorry that your guy lost after he talked soooo much shit leading up to the fight and didn’t even show up. Thats the way it goes, I can sympathize for Brock, no one wants to give him respect due to the fact that he was in the WWE. No one wants to give him respect because they feel he got his shot too early, I understand that, BUT would it really have made all you nonbelievers appreciate the shear power and athetisism of this man if he was a nobody that kicked the shit out of your guy. I have your answer “NO”, your guy got beat and he was out matched and out powered. My hat goes off to you Frank you at leased had the balls to get in the ring with that beast for a second time. As far a Brock goes as long as he continues to train with te right people and continues to take the sport seriously, he will be the champ for a long time to come. As far as UFC being about money, well of course its about money ask yourself do you love your job enough to do it for free, NO. So let the endorsements rain the cash on all these modern day gladiators because you know as well as I do that we don’t have te skills to get in there and entertain millions by getting our heads beat in.. Take a chill pill, Brock accually has alot of class I know from personal experience, he let his emotions take hold of him and he will learn from this and you will probably never see it happen again with him….

  32. Marcus Said,

    Brock would never beat a young randy. That’s the fight I want to see. To bad it can never happen. Brock beating Mir wasn’t news it was expected.But seriously it doesn’t take much to dominate the heavyweight division when you are that big and fast and can wrestle. But some of you need to get off his dick there are more skilled fighters out there.

  33. Lesner sucks Said,

    man lesner isnt a good fighter like he has strenghth but no skill
    he would get recked against Velasquez or emelienko they know what there doing and tthere strong Mir is decent but he really had no chance against lesner the 1st fight was a good win cuz he exploited lesners lack of skill. But he still has no business in he octagon with him.
    and what a lack of class and respect for the fans and organization how do u chirp bud light when there a major sponsor of the company? how do you act like such a arrogant bitch after winning a championship. he really desrves a fine or somthing he shouldnt be able to get away with that.
    he should look at other champions like Gsp Silva Liddel they win with class and respect lesners a fuckin joke i cant wait for some1 to break his face

  34. Tolik Said,

    Brock lesnar sucks ..
    I have no respect 4 this guy after this fight ..

  35. kyle Said,

    herb dean should not have ended the fight that soon. brock was landing some punches but all he did was lay on top of mir. he was too damn scared to give any distance because if anyone thinks that high school wrestling techniques can beat brazilian jiu jitsu then they’re a fuckin idiot. you fuckin hillbilly rednecks that think lesner is a good fighter are confusing real fighting with fake wrestling. his technique is amateur at best.

  36. eiz Said,

    Neither a big Mir or Brock fan…. just love my MMA.

    However, very disappointed with the UFC champ showing such poor discipline and class, overtly money bragging sayin a “particular brand of beer” payin him nothing….

    We have this for UFC….

    Guys, have a look at Fedor, GSP etc…, both on and off the ring, and you’ll understand the difference between a true champ with MMA skills and just a thug….

  37. STEVEmac Said,

    Thats how a MINNESOTA boy takes care of buissness. Brock kept his cool prior to the match, when all Mir could do was talk shit about how Brock didn’t deserve to be there. Brock let his fists prove he DID deserve to be there and he had every right in the world to show some emotion after the win. Anybody who dosen’t understand that has obviously never been in a REAL FIGHT.

  38. Dan Said,

    Alright as a fighter myself I respect both Brock Lesnar, and Frank Mir. Yes, I was hoping Mir would come out with the win but am I gonna be sad or talk trash that Mir lost? No. And here’s why. Brock Lesnar is HUGE he has 20 pounds on Mir. Honestly I don’t think they should be in the same fight division as each other, but since the UFC has a lack of heavy / super heavy weight fighters their basically forced to make the weight class so big. Now congrats to Lesnar for winning the fight, but look at the fight like this Frank Mir would out box, kick box Lesnar any day any time, He’s faster, has more skill, experience, etc. Lesnar is HUGE, and uses his weight to pin Mir down, and just go for the ground and pound. I actually laughed to see Lesnar in the beginning of the round jump around like he was gonna box / kick box with Mir and then as soon as they begin to exchange, Lesnar puts him on the ground and the whole first round is Lesnar smothering Mir and ground and pounding him. I also laughed that Lesnar let Mir up in the second round and then as soon as he catches that flying knees decides he’s better off just taking him to the ground and pounding him. When Lesnar should have from the begining just bum rushed Mir, stuck him on the ground and just pounded his face in. Simple it was inevitable. However If Mir was in a 245 weight class i think he would definitely be at the top of his game and probably have a belt, but since that class doesn’t exist people are going to be stuck getting smashed by Brock Lesnars 4xl “Lunchbox” fists. For me wasn’t that exciting, I personally enjoy the mechanics of a fight. Each fighters has their strong / weak points, their trained in different things, they train differently and you get to see some pretty amazing things. Brock Lesnar fights will eventually get old to the people who don’t enjoy watching the Muay Tai, BJJ, etc, fighters, because if we wanted to watch Drama wrestling I’m sure you can buy some old WWWF vids on amazon for cheap. All I can say is 1.) I hope UFC fighters don’t start wearing face paint, 2.) I do enjoy Coors Light, Not bud, and 3.) I’m Glad team UK on Ultimate fighter won the fights, and I’m glad Henderson KNOCKED Bisping out. Priceless. Anyways, UFC 101 Griffin vs Silva, this is going to be an EPIC fight.

  39. frank Said,

    frist off i’d like to say fuck u wade u dumb son of a bitch. your a fucking maron. brock would kick your ass. so go back to your moms house and watch your saturday morning cartoons you little bitch. next ufcs about FIGHTING. like how someone really would in life. not like that wwe shit. ok. so thats why it may be to real for most of u. brocks skills were wasted in wwe thank god he left. MIR’S A BITCH!!!!!!

  40. Maelo Said,

    Brock is a beast, but got no class, carisma and spormanship!!!!

  41. chris Said,

    so much 4 wwe stars being fake and soft eh?!!go on lesnar!wwe is 4 real men ufc 4 pussy’S!! soon wwe stars will dominate ufc get batista in there!ha

  42. Tolik Said,

    chris – U R Fucking IDIOT

  43. Lesnarsadouchebag Said,

    Lesnar is a big ass douche bag! Stand up and fight you big goofy fuck. The fans wanna see knock outs! Go back to the WWE or wherever you came from!

  44. Joe Joe The Hammer Said,

    Brock Lesnar didn’t win, STEROIDS WON. I am sure Mir would have punch him in the nuts but they are shrunk from the STEROIDS. An illegal fight happened becasue illegal STEROIDS WON. If Steroids are allowed you will see most of the WWE guys in the UFC Heavyweight division. UFC competitors should ban steroids and find real heavyweight fighters. Othewise the future of the UFC is STEROIDS. Dana is now using people to build the UFC to sell it and retire. Anyone who paid was ripped off. Hats off to MIR for fighting STEROID cow tipper Lesnothing.

  45. adam Said,

    you guys are thick all the heavy weights take steroids in preseason towards a fight look at frank mirs conditioning. hes just not in brock lesnars league got lucky the first time wwe aint fake look at bobby lashley him and brock are gunna dominate for a longtime. BROCK JUST TO GOOD ULTIMATE ATHLETE

  46. XK310 Said,

    Lesner used size and talent which may not be ideal but it works. As far as after the fight, no he shouldn’t have said anything but hey people aren’t always who we want them to be. I still have much respect for Frank Mir he fought him again and I wouldn’t want to fight him once. But Brock’s size and speed are a fact that need to be overcome and I think Mir might be a guy that can do it. It was a fun fight I feel despite how it all turned out.

    Cheers UFC 100

  47. Rick Said,

    I’m glad the crowd share my opinion on brock, what a classless piece of shit.

    He’s taking the sport way down.

  48. scott johnson Said,

    ive rented and watched every ufc since ufc1.but the way brock acted he a discrase to mma.and he didnt deserve a title shot yet. what about all the other ufc heavyweights.they kinda got put on the burner.im prob one of the biggest and most loyalufcfan.but after lastnite the way brock acted not nomore.i will never buy another ufc ppv if brock is on the fight card.pathetic champ. dana should even relize that brocks an asshole.WHAT AN ASSHOLE BROCK IS . HES A OAGER LOOKING DICK

  49. scott johnson Said,

    im not a big fan of mir. but thw way brock acted after the fight HES A FUCKING DICK.ALL YOU GUYS WHO LIKE BROCK FUCKING BLOW ME

  50. Wyatt Said,

    All you guys that are rippin’ Brock because he has no class, take a look at him. this man doesn’t care about what people think of him, he just kicks ass, and moves on. A good motto for everyone.

  51. big diz Said,

    big jim keeps talking about brock vs vedor… iv never heard of vedor, fedor rings a bell tho. and fedor is way out of brocks league, and thats coming from a brock lesnar fan!

  52. John Said,

    What is wrong with you people? Brock is human to, I mean with how much crap has been talked before the fight I’m surprised Brock didn’t rip Mir’s head off! He had every right to still be pissed after the bout. Mir talked a huge game and a lot of people though Mir would win again and Brock came out and ran through Mir like he did the first fight. Fairy tales over this is the UFC and its not meant for kids or pussies like you to watch.

  53. JOE Said,

    Looks like “Scott” got shut up, pretty much like pretty boy Mir did last night. You wanna talk about sportsmanship, Mir was talking all that crap before the fight. Now, he so swole he cant talk. Thats the way it should be. Lesnar beat him the first fight, Big John blew it, and Lesnar proved it last night!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. seiji Said,

    Well, Frank Mir should have just kept quiet about “You have my belt” comment to Brock. It just made The Pain mad despite a smiling exterior. Middle finger, UFC 81 fluke, or whatever, Mir’s rear end was beaten by Lesnar, period.

  55. Pat Said,


  56. scott johnson Said,

    hey joe rimes wiyh blow.you prob suck to dont you. i live in ohio come on with you fucking homos

  57. scott johnson Said,

    i bet you guys still suck milk from your mommas tit to dont you.yep enough said lick me later FAGS

  58. john Said,

    WOW all you haters, first off are people really frank mir fans?, being a pretty boy talking shit is cool now i guess? did he back his shit up? NOPE. your all saying why does brock deserve it, before brock was in the wwe he was a fucking olympian does that not show that hes real?………….all you haters wake the fuck up and stop telling yourself bullshit.

  59. Cyphe Said,

    Fedor vs. Lesnar is a very real possibility, dana said himself he’s gonna do whatever he can to set that fight up. But the main thing that has to happen in order for that fight to go down is that Fedor has to get by Barnett, whom i’d say is the last man left with a chance to beat Fedor. Also Fedor’s management and Dana have to come to some sort of agreement, because from what i hear, Fedor only signs one fight contracts, could be wrong, but who knows……hopefully we’ll see Fedor vs. Lesnar in the near future.

  60. Bull Said,

    There is no fucking good sportsmanship in UFC. You come here to be the best and fuck up your challengers. There was no respect from Frank Mir and why should Brock should any in return? As for the crowd… They were booing him anyway. Just another one of those Mike Tyson haters. BROCK LESNAR IS CHAMP.

  61. David Said,

    HAHAHA this is hilarious…The fans who “hate” lesnar would had two prepared responses for this fight.

    if lesnar lost: We knew it..we told you..he sucks and mir is a TRUE fighter

    If lesnar won: He’s a cheater..he won a fight by any way we could win and didnt do it with “style” he’s a dirty cheater who doesnt deserve to be in the ufc

    You F’n Morons …HE JUST BEAT FRANK MIR.. he has the ufc UNDISPUTED TITLE.. he not only deserves the title..according to it he’s the greatest Heavyweight in the ufc at the moment. Get over it

  62. Carl S Said,

    Wow, definitely not cool. I thought he was a humble person, I can’t believe he’s a jackass and a punk!

  63. steven Said,

    yo why ya madd for lesnar won b.c his good…he knowz how to put them big hands to work and knot somebody the F**k out and frank all he knows is how to talk shit but he eat dat shit he talk at the end lmdo

  64. Derrek Said,

    brock lesnar is a f**kin bitc* he needs to stop juicin and and learn to be a good sport and oh ya maybe learn how to do somethin else then lay his big ass on there chest and throw those little 2 inch blows. i know he brings ratings but that dumb sh*t doesnt belong in the UFC he needs to go back to that fake wrestling crap.

  65. Craig Said,

    Wow, there clearly aren’t very many educated MMA fans in here. A whole lot of you don’t want to give Lesnar credit because of his roots in the WWE. But what you’ve done is take this forum and turned it into a WWE grudge match.

    So Lesnar didn’t stand up and fight. He played to his strength and he beat Mir. I don’t hear anyone talking about GSP. St. Pierre has done the exact same thing for how many fights now. St. Pierre is a much better wrestler than anyone else in his division right now. Alves was a more powerful striker, so what did GSP do? He took Alves out of his game. Brock did the same thing. Why would you stand and exchange if you can win another way.

    If you guys want to see knockouts, watch boxing. MMA fighters are getting smarter and playing to their strengths. Get used to it. I truly hope we get to see Brock and Fedor. Brock is just too strong and massive for anyone right now.

  66. Drew Said,

    The best post-match interview EVER! Respect Brock. Sportsmanship? Out the window when you are trying to kill the guy across from you. Can’t think of anyone who could beat Brock.

  67. Paul Said,

    lesnar is a beast and mir couldnt handle him this time. he definitely needs to break that wwe mentality, but he deserves to be the champ!!! vedor vs. lesnar has to be the next fight. lesnar will be able to take him, but he will probably have to work harder for it than he did to beat mir. brock rocks!!!

  68. KILLA Said,

    agreed- u admit though that brocks the man- an ill admit hes dumb as rocks an nothin more then a wreckin ball to sell tickets. he dont need class hes just a huge untalented idioit who will never be remebered no matter how great his record is- i never even heard of his dumb ass till wrestling.. but for now hes the man- untalented-showmanless-arrogant-classless- but the man

  69. brock vs mir Said,

    brock is a dick cmon good sportsman conduct is somethin a champion needs. nd i also cant say that brock is a better fighter he has what 25 to 30 lbs and 3 inchs on mir so all he does is just sit his fat fuckin ass on top of mir but when their goin toe to toe standin up brock catches fuckin wreck from mir. brocks ass cant fight all he can do is be that fat ass dude that sits on top of u and throws punches. When they get up though where is his hands then o yea not landin a shot on mir while mir is just giving that dick what he deserves an ass whoopin. nd its not that hes a better “wrestler” on the ground his ass just had a huge ass size advantage that someone cant over come thats not skill its just fuckin fat sitin on someone.

  70. Legit Said,

    Everyone hating on Brock Lesnar is a b**ch. Can’t talk shitt about him stronger faster and bigger than any heavyweight. People think Mir had better stand up even tho Lesnar for 5 min was on top wasting a lot of energy holding him down with just one hand lol and the other to knock him. Fedor u serious? is he still alive, still moving, i heard he was in some shitt fighting league beating up no name fighters maybe in pride he was something now his time is past. Plus i love the fact Brock is not one of these pussy oh good fight bitches they are fighters Dana needs to tuck in his puss and let them act the way we all know they should. Good sportsmanship is so that the loser can feel better about them being a loser.

  71. SO SO SO Said,

    US fans are all bunch of retards. Why the fuck were they chanting to stand em’ up when Brock was totally in a dominant position to fuck Mir’s sorry ass. Also, he was in a half-guard on top, pounding Mir while controlling Mir’s left arm w/ his left arm wrapped around Mir’s neck and just went to town on his ass with his right, why the fuck would anybody stand them up. Plus, If you look at the replay, Mir got hit 10 straight times by Brock’s big ass fist. So, Mir should shut the fuck up because Herb Dean saved his sorry ass. I swear, U.S. has the worst MMA fans except for those hardcore ones that knows what’s up and just share their knowledge w/ other Hardcore fans. UFC is not a show, if that was his game plan, that’s what he’s going to do. Why the fuck would Brock risk anything to lose again??? Plus, I was at the press conference and first thing Brock did was apologized to the media about being unprofessional and it was because of the heat of the moment. You motherfuckers never fought and don’t know what that’s like when adrenaline is fuckin pumpin through your body. So, anything else you want to say about Brock?? you ignorant ass band wagon mir fans… Brock is the CHAMP. admit it. It’ll take someone like Fedor to beat someone like Brock. If Brock beats Fedor (which I doubt) Brock is unstoppable until he gets old or dies.

  72. annonymous Said,

    Lesnar has a wrestling background
    Pros = power, freestyle fighting style, physical appearence
    Cons = skills, techniques, agility, forms of any or if there is any martial arts involved, (this is called MMA, mixed MARTIAL ARTS) which Lesnar doesnt even side with, plus he has a high pitched voice, show-off, all talk with no action, the action he shows is not a satifying view for me, I’d kick his ass, literally, with no UFC rules, barefists, no rules, ill kill him, ight?

  73. SO SO SO Said,

    Also, Brock was a NCAA wrestling champ, what the fuck do you mean that he has no skills. Fuckin ignorant fucks… Yeah, Mir caught him w/ good knee and did have a pretty good game plan but so did Brock. Which was not extending his body to make gap for Mir to pull off some submission. So, this time, he did well shifting his weight and staying close and just controlling his arms and GROUND and POUND his sorry ass. If you don’t know the technical aspect of all the styles in MMA, don’t post shit like Brock doesn’t have skill.

  74. westsiderock of xbox360 Said,

    man you sissies talkin all that jiujitzu crap is best what happened there then? All he did was smother him and bash his face if it was so good then why didnt frank submit him? because its not as great as u think. sum1 has to let u do that stupid shit and brock didnt let him. if it was so great he could have submitted him from any angle u fuckin fags!!!

  75. UFC 100: Brock Lesner vs. Frank Mir II… No spoiler! | YUHMM - Taste it. Said,

    [...] HERE to watch Share the [...]

  76. UFC Fan Said,

    a real champion would not turn around after the win and flip off all the fans. what a waste of money to watch that fight. was not exciting at all.

  77. Dana Fan Said,

    Lots of respect for Dana and the UFC but Lesnar doesnt display an ounce of class. Too much steroids ? Maybe he thinks he is still in the WWF. UFC has lots of great Champions in all of its division. Cant say that about Lesnar.

  78. Holly Said,

    Brock destroyed Mir. He will not be beaten by anyone in the UFC at this time. Its going to take someone his size and who is a ground fighter. By the way Brock can lay on me too. Sable is a lucky woman.

  79. Witorit92 Said,

    Brock Showed no mercy in this fight, it was dissapointing i was hoping to see more from frank, when he turned his back like a bitch in disstress, BROCK had a very negitive apperance last night he did not seem happy at all, his attitude was like “I CAME TO KILL FRANK & THATS IT” both fighters are great but frank needs to study brock alot more, before the next fight, that fight was a waste of my time.

  80. Hacksaw Said,

    Looked like to me all the trash talkin unsportsmen like fighters got shutup last nite. All the pre fight talk is nothing more than cheap talk its what is said in the octagon that counts. Who made it a law that champ has to be calm and cool. Most of ya must be to young to remember all the name calling and trash talking that the champion boxer muhamud ali did give em a break ur just jealous

  81. lol@annonymous Said,

    Lesnar has a wrestling background
    Pros = power, freestyle fighting style, physical appearence
    Cons = skills, techniques, agility, forms of any or if there is any martial arts involved, (this is called MMA, mixed MARTIAL ARTS) which Lesnar doesnt even side with, plus he has a high pitched voice, show-off, all talk with no action, the action he shows is not a satifying view for me, I’d kick his ass, literally, with no UFC rules, barefists, no rules, ill kill him, ight?

    Haha go back to your dream world you couch potato legend. You’re just another example of a human with no common sense and anything you say is probably not even worth paying attention to.

  82. michaeljj Said,

    wow didnt even touch gloves.. pathetic

  83. monkeythefunkyjunky Said,

    MIR got his ass handed to him and thas it all you motherfuckers talking about brock has no class hey IDIOTS this is U TO THE MUTHAFUKIN FC this aint no patty cake bullshit what class do you need to fight UFC?BROCK fucked up MIR UFC style and and that’s it stop hatin on the man !!

  84. bass Said,

    brock already win the fight.. there’s nothin u guys can do about it.. its already over.. there’s already a winner and a loser.. ok?

  85. Derrick Said,

    Im not a big brock fan but he annihilated Mir,and for all you babies talking about sportsmanship,when you are mad sometimes you cant control your actions,i guess none of you have been that pissed before! As for Fedor and Lesnar,Fedor doesnt stand a chance against this guy,i know all you fedor fans think your a bunch of badasses but brock will annihilate him too!

  86. Mir Got Stomped Said,

    There is a serious lack of talent in the UFC heavy weight division. Lesnar is a rookie and he beat Frank Mir like he was a bitch. I suppose he is a bitch.

    As to Lesnar being WWE; UFC is not much better. Matt Hammill clearly beat Bisping and the judges screwed him. I am happy to see that Henderson wiped the mat with that no talent ass clown Bisping.

    Anyone who understands the sport knows that Fedor is the true champion. I did like seeing Brock throttle Mir. I thought Brock’s antics at the end were great. MMA is a combat sport and Lesnar acting like a warrior.

  87. Salch Said,

    Brock destoryed Mir. lol.

  88. Salch Said,

    btw, Fedor vs Brock would be a great fight.

  89. MirGotStomped Said,

    I think Fedor can beat Lesnar. Frank Mir are articulate but not all that bright. Fedor is a really smart guy and naturally strong.

    Fedor has the most skill of any heavyweight. Brock probably has more will. Fedor is a great striker and Mir wasn’t. Fedor is quicker than Mir. Fedor is tougher than Mir. Fedor is a complete fighter. Brock is not a complete fighter.

    I am not sure who would win but I have to give the edge to Fedor. Fedor has fought much tougher opponents. Compared to Arlovski Mir is a pussy. Fedor could knock Brock out and submit him. 205 pound Brandon Vera knocked out Mir. Mir has a glass jaw.

  90. SpectreZero Said,


  91. mano Said,

    hey Brock u dont know any mother fucken thing about being a champ
    so here is my words to you
    fuck ur mother.

  92. Brady Said,

    I loved Brock- reminds me of a Tyson in his prime- along with the immaturity though. Obvious why he only gets Coors light the womans light beer to sponser him. Mir gave props at the end like all champions in the ring should- like all champions b4 him. show a lil class- A 88 ugly ford bronco can always run over an demolish a ferrari..but what would you want in your garage??? Give him a lollypop an a Coors light an send him back to the circus where he came… Its about respect an showmanship that gets you contracts Brock- not deciding if your friends rock your boat more then your wife.

  93. yesse Said,

    fuck all of ya’ll ,,, BROCK is a bad ass fighter !!!!!!!!!!

  94. Brock Lesnar is a bitchy asshole Said,

    brock lesnar is a fucking asshole
    why cant he just fight with sportsmanship
    lesnar deserves to get his skull cracked open

  95. lex13 Said,

    brock is the man everyone hated on him and he still come out on top and frank mirr deserved all he got may be he wont talk shit befor a fight any more

  96. lex13 Said,

    brock is the fucken man he came out to hurt frank mir and thats what he did
    you did not hear brock talk shit at all he just let his fighting do the talking may be frank mir should take a page out of brocks book .dont get me wrong im a big fan of frank mir he is an excellent fighter and a big plus to the UFC but brock lesnar is the heavywieght champion and that says some thing, sure brock is not one off the most tech fighters but he is exciting as hell to watch, and is that not why we watch these fucken worriers go head to head…………… you the man brock fuck all the haters……………………….

  97. Mike S Said,

    The main reason I like Lesnar is because people give him shit for being in WWF/WWE. I love how all these MMA fans give him shit for that and most of these people have only just jumped on the MMA band wagon in the last few years because its the new hip thing…. and they probably watched pro wrestling while growing up too.

    I’ve been watching WWF/WWE since I was a kid and was a Lesnar fan when he did wrestle. I’ve also been watching MMA since I was 5 years old and I am now 21. So thats a lot longer than most people who do watch MMA now. So I’m glad to see him come into the MMA scene and hand out ass whippins. The only opponent to show him any respect is Randy Couture and thats because he looked past his pro wrestling and saw an actual true athlete. And Randy could also relate to Lesnar’s background in wrestling.

    And people say he doesn’t have any skill or experience. Well the man hasn’t been doing MMA for that long. He has only had 5 fights and hardly anyone at that point in their career is going to have amazing skills or experience…. and yet he is the Champion. If I remember right, Randy Couture won the Championship in his 4th fight. Was he that skilled or experienced? No, but did he get better? Yes! Lesnar has the discipline and the will to learn, so he will only get better.

    And Lesnar is twice… heck I’ll even go to say 3 times the athlete most of these MMA fighters are. He had a wrestling record of 33-0 in his senior year of high school. He was the 1998 NJCAA Heavyweight Champion, 2000 NCAA wrestling champion, two-time NJCAA All-American, two-time NCAA All-American, two-time Big Ten Conference Champion… going 106-5 in all 4 years of college.

    Brock has a 475lb bench press, 695lb squat, 10 foot standing broad jump, and a 35 inch vertical leap, and a 4.7 SECOND FORTY-YARD DASH!!! All while weighing in at a staggering 280-290lbs.

    To put some of those numbers in perspective, Emmit Smith, Vince Young, and Jerry Rice did not run the forty as fast as Brock did and they weigh like 60-70lbs lighter.

    Given all of this, I think you’ll be hard pressed to find any other fighter in the UFC with Lesnar’s strength, explosiveness, speed, aggression, or hunger for success. Combine his attributes and his wrestling credentials and you have something unordinary.

  98. austin goheen Said,

    all u lesnar haters need to shut up this isnt ballerina u dont need to be classy all u need to do is beat ass and win thats the whole point of ufc

  99. maxwell Said,

    he has reasons for doing that!!! all those talk from Mirr about WWE… well he got destroyed!!! period!!! how can u call Mirr “show of class?” he’s not!!! he talks too much trash and too much crap!!! good for him he got his face rearrange!!! BROCK RULEZ!!!

  100. Zach Said,

    Scott your a fucking faggot, he hated that Mir FUCK FRANK MIR ND FUCK YOU SCOTT dumb ass craka!

  101. faisal Said,

    fuck all of u then, talking like internet tough guy, but u are pussy out in reality.brock win that it, stop whining like a kid, son of a bitch

  102. faisal Said,

    hey brock lesnar didnt even take steroids, dont be a typical white ass son of a bitch.he never failed a drugs test since he in a highschool so shut the fuck up, genetics is genetics.i live and work in a farms (like brock), why in the hell i got so muscular and big then?.because we work so fucking hard for money.cheers for brock fans.steroids for pussys.

  103. faisal Said,

    hey Mike S, u forgot that in an interview with kurt angle, hey said that lesnar death squat 900 lbs, when in wwe.how strong he used to be damn.

  104. Mr. AllDay Said,

    big jim a retard son do you realize brock lesnar is a disgrace to mma fedor would and will rape brock its comin regardless fedor wil reign king and the best brock jus another fuckin wwe pussy wanna be mixed martial artist

  105. Marica Said,

    Frank Mir needed a good whippin. He is arrogant and snotty, Brock Rocks!! What a powerhouse!! He deserved the Title!!

  106. Josh Said,

    First stop hating on brock he is an excellent fighter I respect that even though he doesn’t have sportsmanship, they need to bring in bobby lashley (someone more his own size) I would love to see a lashley vs. lesnar fight.

  107. Mike Said,

    Lesnar beat the crap out of Frank Mir. That’s all that matters.

  108. scott Said,

    zach suck a dick you know you do.thats why your old lady comes to me she wants a real man and that be me

  109. jay Said,

    In my mind having been in the ring and listening to the amount of trash Mir has had come out of his mout it deserved to be filled by lesnars fist.

  110. puffy9 Said,

    Well now we know the difference in Mir’s trash talking and Brock’s. Brock waits till he kicks a*# first then he says the first match you was just a lucky little boy…

  111. bwsdf Said,

    listen brock did dominate on the ground but if it stayed standing mir would have knocked his ass out…. brokes stand up is terrible but his ground work is very good he knows how to use his weight advantage. i hope theres a 3 rd fight and it stays standing……



    and the jaggoff lesnar fans on here talking shit hey he fought and won you pussies are just pretending behind a keyboard LOL pathetic huh?

    And to those calling Lesnar unbeatable does meth fuck up your memory that DAMN quick, anybody remember the “plane ride from hell” (the GREAT Curt Henning beat him like he owned him and it was REAL LOL) OH AND HE’LL GET HIS ASS KICKED AGAIN WHEN BOBBY LASHLEY COMES TO THE UFC.LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And then when he washes out of the UFC like he did the NFL he can sit his ass down somewhere and GO PIMP SABLE’S OLD ,DUSTY ASS IN SOMEONES SHITHOLE STRIP CLUB.

  113. Guest Said,

    All you iddiots who say that there is no sportmanship in UFC or fighting period can go have sex with animals, because your way of thinking is no much better than animals. ACTUALLY you are worse than animals, cause when dogs fight after its over they dont hold grudges of humiliate eachother. MMA is a sport, and therefore there’d be smortmanship in it. Sports are for entertaiment purposes, once their done their done, then you go home and live your real life.( wether that is training or partiying) Mir was ready to congradulate lesnar but the iddiot had to go make a show, people that enjoyed it should not watch UFC because its not a performance like a drama its an actual sport that involves much mental and phisical dicipline. ive been in fights both fair and non fair, when they end like their supposed to end we get up shake hands and smile, because of the magic in those few minutes of exchange, it feels great. I also kno that a sport fighter should never fight for revenge, because they make fools of themselves, wether that is losing or what lesnar did. Sportmanship should always be present, thats the way its been for years and thats how it should be. spormanship also falls in the same alley as hitting a girl. in my oppinion that is immoral, i bet that in the opinion of lesnar fans – “them bitches get waht they deserve” **sigh**

  114. Max Said,

    for all you mir fans talkin shit bout lesnar cause he doesn’t show good sportsmanship…
    1. Mir was talkin shit before lesnar was
    2. Do you really need to show sportsmanship in a sport where your main goal is to beat the living shit out of another person? I mean some people may prefer it, but really?

  115. Joselyn Said,

    I could’ve done without Lesnar’s drama there at the end…save it for the WWE.

  116. bobcat Said,

    i cant stop laughin at all u useless people who sit back and critisize the people out there lol , get it thru ure heads , lesnar dominated every1 and made them look like girls every fight , also its fighting not fukin dancing ,, u dnt go up to them before hte match and shake there hand like use are frends, ure about to smash each uthers head in , brock lesnar is a true fighter who doesnt give a shit ,, one more thing brock lesnar the undisputed ufc champion , thankyou LOL :D

  117. Thom Said,

    Lesner Booooooooooooooooooooo! Fucking jarhead. He didn’t even bump gloves at the beginning. Kick his ass out of UFC

  118. Jake Said,

    Brock Lesnar is a looser ……. i`m sorry but in my opinion he never should have had a title shot after 2 fights in the UFC he is not deserving and his abnoxious comments after the fight was unsportmanlike and even with his formal appology i still think DANA WHITE should kick his A$$ out of the UFC for good!

  119. MMAfannomore Said,

    After witnessing the worst thing to happen to MMA (lesnar entering the UFC) and seeing his roided up lunchbox ass get caught in a leg lock that made him tap like a little girl, i thought there actually was a god. After this fight however, i know he’s only there to fuck us in the ass and remind us how sucky life is… Lesnar’s post fight display is an absolute joke, beating mir was enough of revenge for Mir’s unsportsman like conduct before the fight, he did not need to dramatize the ufc like he did in his previous profession of roiding up, sliding under ropes and spastically screaming with spit coming out of his face. Dana needs to get his head straight and keep his real fans. there’s a reason the whole arena was booing his juiced up skilless ass.

  120. LesnarWins Said,

    Learn how to spell before you try talking shit about Brock sucka

  121. UFC 100: Brock Lesnar vs Frank Mir Full Fight Video : In Entertainment Said,

    [...] The UFC 100 was a truly amazing night and produced some great fighting. One fight that is proving very popular is the Brock Lesnar vs Frank Mir. For those of you who did not get a chance to catch the fight on July 11, 2009, then view the full fight video here. [...]

  122. dib Said,

    the video keeps stopping at 58 seconds and restarting?! WTF?!?!?!?!?!

  123. jonny Said,

    jake why dnt you get in the ring with him you little bitch think before you type

  124. jonny Said,

    i dnt know about all of you smoking brocks pole but a was thinking more about how hot his wife iis you little homos

  125. Big dave Said,

    Man i hate Brock Lesnar. They should test him for steroids and we will soon see him lose 20 pounds of muscle. He is too big for any of the other fighters. He is like a novice just throwing big punches.If he was not on steroids the more skilled fighters would kick his ass

  126. Stevo Said,

    Vid doesnt play past .22 secs?

  127. DeathMagnetic Said,

    hmmm intresting comments. Well here's my 2 cents. Ya lesnar in new and in my opinion has nothing but his wrestling (real not wwe) and won on pure strength. His attitude kinda sucked, but mir was doin just as much so brock fired back and backed it up in the ring.

    Now I don't want to disrespect anyone here, but it seems some of you don't know much about mma or the fighters. See brock isn't just some guy from wwe. He was a killer wrestler in hs and collage. I believe he played some football too. You gotta think too that some of the great mma champs come from the same backround too ljust to name 1….randy coture.

    All brock needs is time and I'm sure he will be more than this big brute. I also saw someone say somthin like mirs win in the first fight was cheap but legal. Not cheap, skill, he's a grappler, and that's what he does best. To be. Honest I don't care for either one much, but I'm glad brock shut him up. He deserves to be in the ufc as much as anyone. I've been watchin since the early 90,s and look at some of those guys like tank abbot, anyone with some training and try to go for it. It just takes time to get better.

    Oh ya bisbing god knocked the fuck out, sweet, I hate that guy. Ok I'm done. Take care everyone

  128. Ian Said,

    Ok plan and simple for all you “non knowing so called mma/UFC fans” who hate on Brock I want you to come back to this comment years from now and admit to everyone not only that you are an idiot and thought you knew talent when obviously you have no clue but that you LOVE Brock Lesnar and that he IS and WILL EVER BE THE BEST Heavy weight to ever step into the octagon. The funny part is that when you are watching all his fights past, present and future with all your dumb fuck friends. one day after his fight you are going to SCREAM out loud ( because we all have seen this guy)
    ” I FUCKING LOVE BROCK LESNAR!!. .I ALWAYS HAVE, HE’S THE BEST OMG!!!!” and the that one guy who’s watching the fight with you will punk you out in front of everybody there and let everyone know that your a JOKE..which would bring you back to this comment years from now where you finally admit to yourself and the world that …………….YOU ARE A IDIOT!!!!!!!

  129. j0onh holmes Said,

    brock lesnar kicked his ass. on the other hand he acted like a dick after words. he needs to learn how to leave it in the ring, and be a good sport after the fight. i think he will do that next time

  130. high guy Said,

    nice job brock, i mean the match, show a little respect fans. So what you hate how he acts lol but with that size and power, i wouldnt show no weakness neither. Mir tried and thats all you can do, but obviously you can also talk shit, but talking shit in this case gets your mouth shut up. So please refrain from abuse of shit in your mouth and just breath easier because their in talks about fedor coming into the ufc. Boys you heard it. Dana said he wants him now. lol not suprised since theres really not competition for a SUPER HEAVY WEIGHT Brock Lesnar other then the number 1 rated World Heavyweight Fedor. i would put my money on Fedor because he doesnt talk shit and he’s a great fighter but dont expect Brock to show him any respect. Brock says if he showed his enemies respect it would be a sign of weakness lol, in mirs case i’d agree simply because of all the shit takling, but you better show Fedor respect, he’s earned it in my book.

  131. high guy Said,

    oh and ian you sound like you love brocks nuts not his skills

  132. deathclutch8109 Said,

    VIDEO STOPS AT :22 NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  133. summerton Said,

    mir got his ass handed to him .. and needed it done… cuzz his mouth wrote checks ass couldnt cash …

  134. MMA-Hits Said,

    try it now

  135. jj the jet plain Said,

    total humiliation on franks PART!

  136. OJETE Said,


  137. USA Said,

    hmmm…the only way brock wins from watching his fights, is to lay his fat ass on his opponents. he let Mir get up, but once Mir got shots on his face, he sat on him?! Brock one day it’ll happen. Your jaw will pop out of its sockets just like Bisping. You’re an asshole, poor sport, disrespectful, a sad addition to the sport of mma. You will never have the respect as some of the fighters in the UFC. Yeah you can talk shit all you want, but at the end of the fight show some class! If you would of just helped Mir up, or shook his hand that would’ve been awesome.

    Next time stay on your feet and fight like you did in first 15 sec. of the 2nd round!

  138. big dave Said,


  139. big dave Said,

    I dont like Brock because he is obviously a heavy steroid user and always seems to have roid rage. The size and strength he has gained from them put him at an unfare advantage to someone like Randy Couture as he has a smaller frame. nobody can get close to his size and he just pounds the to death with no skill at all

  140. andrew Said,

    mir got brock by submition the first time and ppl think thats cool? come on he got so lucky, brock was born and raised in st paul! yea thats a real fighter. brock rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  141. andrew Said,

    r u dumb u cnt fight in ufc if ur on steroids they get tested lol wow plus brock is jst a hardcore weightlifter he doesnt cheat with roids dumbass

  142. Chris Said,

    I’ll be rooting every game for this guy who could be 1 of the greatest UFC champions of all time.

    GO BROCK!!!!

  143. Mascielo Said,

    Brock Lesner’s skill involves only him laying on his oppenent and having a stupid ref who wont stand him back up… No skill, and undeserving of his championship ufc title.

  144. Mascielo Ponce Said,

    the guy before me just wrote this “I’ll be rooting every game for this guy who could be 1 of the greatest UFC champions of all time.”


  145. Fedornotvedor Said,

    its Fedor not Vedor

  146. hi haterz Said,

    just to say i fight i practice bjj as my main skillset and wrestling just beat bjj down im sorry but me my hall of fame trainer and half my skool all believe brock would win and we are predominantly bjj my trainer is a black belt in bjj ralphy garcia so hi haterz get the fuck on some where

  147. snakebone Said,

    hey crock…er… i mean brock…. your only talent is gravity… and your iq is equal to both your fingers.

  148. snakebone Said,

    the only reason brock got a title shot was his two fingers were shoved up dana’s ass

  149. snakebone Said,

    Hey brock,,,, when your dick falls off from steriod use…. can i have your wife ?

  150. snakebone Said,

    hey dana… i’ll use three fingers….. can i get a title shot ?

  151. brock lesnar sucks Said,

    all u gay fucking lesnar fans that thinks hes good, obviously dont know anything about mma. lesnar is a has been who was in wwe. HES 265 POUNDS. OF COURSE MIR WOULDNT BE ABLE TO GET HIM OFF OF HIM, THAT FAT PIECE OF SHIT. all lesnar can do is lay on people. he also has no sportsmanship, and doesnt care wat anyone thinks. i hope he gets knocked the fuck out next person he fights. if he was anyone elses weight, he would lose every fight cuz he doesnt know how to. so fuck all u wannabes, if u wanna be a fan, at least like someone good

  152. mekesha pryer Said,

    I thought this was a good fight but I wanted Mir to win. Lesnar doesn’t have any real skills he’s just strong. I don’t think he could have gone toe to toe with Mir.

  153. John Said,

    Drug test this steroid freak and kick him out of UFC!!

  154. King A Said,

    Brock Lesnar is from *SOUTH DAKOTA* yeahya!!!! Suck on it all you Minnesota people wishing he was from your puddle state! And yea, thats how we do it in the 605 SoDak

  155. Jeeper Said,

    I think brock would beat fedor on the ground. fedor would win the stand up but brock is just in a league of his own. And everyone is saying he isnt a fighter???? He is the champ beat 2 different champs in mir and randy. Everyone doubted him in his fight against randy and he dominated that fight. I cant see anyone anytime soon beating him. He just has to much wrestling skill and is gradually learing more MMA skill.

  156. gee-rant Said,

    Fedor vs. Lesnar! I’ve had enough of this 265lb. guerrilla asshole laying on people and beating them with his fucken lunchbox hands. Horrible looking win. Bad reffing too Lesnar took like 2 minutes to improve his position in the first round, and the referee SHOULD HAVE stood them back up. The finish looked like garbage, the so called “champ” flipped everybody off. Some win Brock, nice job

  157. Mike S Said,

    The main reason I like Lesnar is because people give him shit for being in WWF/WWE. I love how all these MMA fans give him shit for that and most of these people have only just jumped on the MMA band wagon in the last few years because its the new hip thing…. and they probably watched pro wrestling while growing up too.

    I’ve been watching WWF/WWE since I was a kid and was a Lesnar fan when he did wrestle. I’ve also been watching MMA since I was 5 years old and I am now 21…. thats 16 years. So thats a lot longer than most people who do watch MMA now. So I’m glad to see him come into the MMA scene and hand out ass whippins. The only opponent to show him any respect is Randy Couture and thats because he looked past his pro wrestling and saw an actual true athlete. And Randy could also relate to Lesnar’s background in wrestling.

    And people say he doesn’t have any skill or experience. Well the man hasn’t been doing MMA for that long. He has only had 5 fights and hardly anyone at that point in their career is going to have amazing skills or experience…. and yet he is the Champion. If I remember right, Randy Couture won the Championship in his 4th fight. Was he that skilled or experienced? Somewhat more than Lesnar because he did box. But did Randy's skills enhance? Yes! Lesnar has the discipline and the will to learn, so he will only get better.

    And Lesnar is twice… heck I’ll even go to say 3 times the athlete most of these MMA fighters are. He had a wrestling record of 33-0 in his senior year of high school. He was the 1998 NJCAA Heavyweight Champion, 2000 NCAA wrestling champion, two-time NJCAA All-American, two-time NCAA All-American, two-time Big Ten Conference Champion… going 106-5 in all 4 years of college.

    Brock has a 475lb bench press, 695lb squat, 10 foot standing broad jump, and a 35 inch vertical leap, and a 4.7 SECOND FORTY-YARD DASH!!! All while weighing in at a staggering 280-290lbs.

    To put some of those numbers in perspective, Emmit Smith, Vince Young, and Jerry Rice did not run the forty as fast as Brock did and they weigh like 60-70lbs lighter.

    Given all of this, I think you’ll be hard pressed to find any other fighter in the UFC with Lesnar’s strength, explosiveness, speed, aggression, or hunger for success. Combine his attributes and his wrestling credentials and you have something unordinary.

  158. rob mma99 Said,

    lensnar is on the dope. if you cat see that your blined……dope head..hahaha

  159. Patrick Said,

    Brock doesnt use roids you fuckin retards. Every drug test he has been in he has passed… even the ones in the UFC. And what the fuck is up with people saying roid rage? Do you know what roid rage is? It has nothing to do with the actual drug (steroids). If you are small and an asshole, dick, etc to begin with. Once you take steroids and get bigger in size, you going to be even more of an asshole. Why? Cause you are BIGGER… it has nothing to do with the drug. And saying he doesnt have any skills?? Thats another dumb statement and I shouldnt even have to explain that one to you. And if he has no “skills”, then it must be pretty pathetic that he beats former champions with hardly any effort.

    Brock has tried to show respect, but no matter what he does other fighters give him shit about his WWE career and fans boo him whether he is nice or not. And the only time Brock talks shit is when others fighters start it. Like Mir and Heath talking about his WWE career and saying he is not a real fighter… and for that Brock didnt show respect to either of them. So far Randy Couture is the only one to show respect to Brock and didnt care about his WWE career cause Randy knew Brock was a talented and gifted wrestler. Even though Brock showed respect to Couture and didnt trash talk him like he did Mir/Heath, he still got booed by the fans. You wanna know why he flipped off the fans? Cause no matter what he does or how he acts the majority of the fans will never like him. Why? Cause he was in the WWE and because of the way he fights. Brock may know 50 different types of submissions and can perform them easily. He may also be a great standing striker, but its not what he is comfortable with. Wrestling is what he has done his whole life… so thats what he is going to be comfortable and confident doing. Thats how a lot of fighters are. They tend to do what is comfortable for them.

  160. Jon4651236 Said,

    Brock is a great athlete. You have to realize he is still learning the sport of mma…including how a champ conducts himself in the spotlight and off.

  161. Jimz Said,

    Hey BROCKFAN – You are an embarrasement to Americans. Asking people for a fight over the internet over a UFC match…..go and shoot yourself in the head you freak.

  162. Andrew Said,

    Brock should kill himself before Shane Carwin does it for him.

  163. Forsaken Said,

    I love all the whining!

    My favorate is the weight difference. So why train when all you have to do is weigh 30 pounds more than your opponent. What does that say about jiu jitsu then? Royce beat much bigger guys so that arguement is void. Lesnar was just better than Mir, and very ready for him.

    The other is “just a WWE wrestler”, no he did that for money and hated it quickly there after. Lesnar is a real athlete, just happens to be to violent so he is where he should be now… the UFC. Brock is a a two-time NJCAA All-American, 1998 NJCAA Heavyweight Champion, two-time NCAA All-American, two-time Big Ten Conference Champion, and the 2000 NCAA heavyweight champion with a record of 106–5. Brock didnt make the Vikings because he was to violent and got into some fights. He is a fighter, and a freakish athlete… now he is home in the UFC where a monster like him should be and wont goto jail doing what he likes to do.

    Steroids, the guy never failed a steriod test ever.. 11 years from college to now in the UFC. Sorry he is not that smart to pull that off. I love how when someone works out like crazy people just say steriods, not fair and just jealiousy from couch potatoes. Mir is not little guy ether, nor is any of the heavy weights… or even me at 6′ 5″ 250 lbs and in decent shape. Some people are just bigger, its genetics.

    Unsportsman like, yep lol. Lesnar will pull in more fans than ever before, some who will love him and some who will hate him. In the end its all good, and great for the man that beats him, who ever that will be. Until then respect the athlete and the power, not the WWE hype talk. The talk will make the UFC huge, like Ali did for boxing. As he keeps winning the bigger it will get.

  164. Nigel Said,

    I cant believe that excuse for a fighter nobody doesnt touch gloves i dont like frank but at least he has the decentcy to touch gloves brock should be kicked out of the ufc. That was a discusting move.

  165. Steve Said,

    Nigel shut the hell up. Getting kicked out of the UFC for not touching gloves? What a moron. There isn’t a rule saying you have to touch gloves. You watch guys beat the crap out of one another and you are worried about them touching gloves? Brock doesn’t respect Mir at all. Mir is a bigger asshole than Brock. All he did was mock Lesnar and wasn’t showing him any respect…. and for that reason Brock didn’t show him any. If someone were trash talking me I wouldn’t want to touch their gloves either. I hate people like you. All you do is bitch. Who gives a shit if he was unsportsman. The man apologized. Now shut the fuck up.

  166. Josh Said,

    Brock is just a big meathead. I really hope someone breaks his knee so he’ll never fight again. What a piece of shit.

  167. Vega Said,

    People underestimate WWE. They make fun of it saying “it’s fake” etc… well guess what? Brock was in WWE, and now he’s dominating the world of UFC!!! This should make it clear not to mess with the Wrestling industry because not every Wrestler we see perform acts.. Some of them have actual martial arts experience!
    What I’m saying is that to some extent, I do understand Brock’s post-fight actions. He wanted to put the critics in its place by telling them “I can actually fight”. I bet if any of you was discouaged the way he was, you’d be wanting to shut the critics up too!! I know I would

  168. thormax Said,

    Brock proved he is for real , and beat the shit out of that boy mir . mir got very lucky in the first fight and he new it going in to this fight . He only did it for the money , he knows he is not in Brocks league . hell he beat Randy the undisputed champ ,and one of the best of all time . so you mir cry babys shut the hell up you got lucky once and you all know it.

  169. Gabe Said,

    I am a huge Brock Lesnar fan, but even i will admit, before Brock can even think of fighting Fedor, he needs to Beat Shane Carwin first, a man who is pretty much the same build, and has a glove size higher than Brocks, until then, he isnt ready for fedor…

  170. Unknown.Gi Said,

    Seriously all you mir fans should go watch baqi The grappler its an anime series where the best fighter in the world Yujiro Hanma never cares about good or bad he just want to become the best. A fighter mustn't have any thing holding him back and certainly no emotions if you take this to be a sport its okay then brock and other great fighters should retire but if this truly is a test of skills and strengths THERE SHOULD BE NO SPORTS MAN SHIP as said by many great fighters, “Being scared can keep a man from getting killed, and often makes a better fighter of him”

  171. Chris Said,

    What Dirty Tactics are you implying? Mir is a big shit talker…Brocks all about shutting them up. Simple as that.

    I do agree though, but you must admit Brock is a badass and he has every right to call himself one.

  172. Chris Said,

    I agree with everything you said except the part where you mention it being "all about the money". Maybe UFC, but no way in hell are you referring to Brock Lesnar. He's an athlete with a badass attitude. I admire Brocks passion for the sport. Give credit where credit is due…

  173. Chris Said,

    People like you piss me off…Brock obviously does not suck. He's the frikin Heavyweight Champ for Christs sake! Dont feed me that "just because your champ doesnt make you good" speech, it just makes you look real stupid. Respect Brock for being probably one of the greatest athletes in the sport. If you were an athlete you'd understand. Therefore i dont blame you for your ignorance.

  174. Truth Said,

    Lesnar won from beating Frank Mir to a pulp. Lesnar had him pinned down and Mir couldn't get close enough to submitting him. He did a good job, but I still think he was an asshole for trash talking to Frank. He still got the job done. He just has no good sportsmanship just a big ego.

  175. john Said,

    shit talking the champ….online tough guys…lol….if you have a beef with the champ why don't you just jump up and be the next to challenge….since no one else is left!

  176. john Said,

    and wade fuck off pussy!

  177. THORMAX Said,


  178. Meecrob4U Said,

    There is nothing fake about college wrestling at all. If BJJ is so good, why did mir get worked on the ground. Just because brock was in wwe does not mean he's not a good fighter, it has nothing to do with it. If you remember so was shamrock. I think it was smart of brock to be in the wwe. He has more money than you will ever see. Also, did you forget about his 106-5 college wrestling record? Mir got lucky the first fight. Brock was new to mma, also he was kicking mirs ass the whole match. Your a fucking idiot.

  179. the observer Said,

    Lesnar being a tit is totally irrelevant. He dominated Mir throught-out the whole of the fight. The reason he is the world champion is because he is he deserves to be, not as a person, but as a fighter. This isnt a popularity contest you little bitches. And as for this Fedor obsession, if/when he finally gets into the ring with Lesnar, which looking at his reaction to the possible randy couture fight offered months ago is unlikely, he too will be kntf. Also, what kind of retard says ‘hes (Lesnar) a has-been wwe star, thats why he joined ufc’!!! You’re a fucking idiot!!! He gave up the fag stage show and joined the toughest professional fight circuit there is. Do you need spoon fed you total cunt!?

  180. Sevendust Said,

    Brock Lesnar won the fight…It might not of been pretty…but he won none the less! And for every one who thinks Brock takes steroids, check out his training schedule on youtube! that fucker trains with fucking logs & hammers…
    You either like him or hate him, but for any one that disses him…you wouldn’t have the balls to get in th ring with him, so shut the fuck up! and get over it already…

    Fedor is in a different class, Brock vs Fedor would be an interesting fight…and being a big fan of both, I don’t think Brock is ready for that yet…Fedor is an incredible fighter with tons of experience and un-matched skills.

    Rock on

  181. Kenny Said,

    For all you dumb ass people who dont know your ass from a hole in a ground, much less know about fighting, Brock used an half guard that we are useing on my team now to take control of a fight to beat someone who is better in jits then you are. Also you want to slam brock about wrestling look up his record their you bunch of cry baby mir fans its 300-5 yes i said he has 300 wrestling victories and was an all american. You want to say its about money hell ya its about money an if you try to say its not you go do your job for free. Mir ran his mouth and he got what he deserved every fucking punch of it. And the dumb ass that posted HERB STOPED THE FIGHT TO EARLEY watch it again an you will see Mir’s dad jump up and start hollaring stop the fight, cause if Herb had not stoped it Mir wouldve probably had brain damage if not already. After the fight the way brock acted so fucking what yall are mad cause he didnt hug and kiss like some fighters do. This was a grudge match and i wouldnt shake another fighters hand that talks shit about me either. I bet mir dont talk shit again before a fight, i bet he learned his lesson on that one the hard way.

  182. ania Said,

    All Brock did was use his mass & strenght. There was no real Martial Arts from Lesner whatsoever. Mir is 1/4 the fighter that Fedor is. Fedor is much faster than Mir, meaning Fedor's mass, punching power, ground grame, experience, & sheer heart would show Brocks true identity. Brock would lose to Fedor, HANDS DOWN, and Brock would fade away into oblivion/nothingness. Guaranteed he would quit & go back to the WWE.

  183. Tattoo Dave Said,

    Lot's you idiot. You still waiting to grow some??

  184. Tattoo Dave Said,

    Mir showed all kinds of class talking all the shit before the fight, right? You will need a prayer hhhWade the next fight.
    You cry babies make me laugh, thanks! Baby huey the douche just beat the fuck out of our boy.

    This is the UFC you SMF !!
    ohhhhh you too!!

  185. Tattoo Dave Said,

    All you pussies that cry about Mir getting his ass kicked are just like him. Just run your mouth…..Brock did his talking in the ring, Mir ran his mouth and then some. Mir was dominated like a little bitch. Brock was an All-American college wrestler, now still World Heavyweight UFC Champ, it’s not a fluke.

    You think Mir felt sorry for Silvia after breaking his arm? Didn’t hear any of you Mir fans crying because he took it too far. That’s MMA!! Why do you cry when your boy got his head handed to him in a bucket? Brock should have really messed him up.

    Wait til Brock has a few years to learn mixed martial art. He’s only half the fighter he will become…..Scary!!

    Can’t wait to see who’s next!!

    Brock !!!

  186. hextall72 Said,

    Brock Lesnar destroyed Mir and shut his mouth grat fight Brock…. Scott you are a pathetic fan!!! if you can't handle a little excess energy from a Great Entertainer in this sport with pure voilence you need to go back to cheerlading or soccer….. please take your weak sportsmanship ass home loser

  187. mark Said,

    you know frank mir was an arrogant fuck i totally understand the way he felt about it brock is a good man but not an idiot i'd done the same thing

  188. Ngr Said,

    you guys can say all you want about brock, but at the end of the day he won. its simple as that. you can say brock was unsportsman-like but you know what, mir talks a lot of trash and everyone knows it. i’d pay to watch brock again anyday.

  189. Brian Said,

    Brock will be the longest running champion in UFC. Slice is next.

  190. hasib Said,

    fuck it the fans deserved the finger brock gave out everyone talked so much shit about him saying how he is just a fake wwe wrestler and that he would never make it and he proved em wrong i wouldve done the same thing

  191. hasib Said,

    so what if he was a wwe wrestler he still cant be beat

  192. hasib Said,

    wtf? some people are born with blond hair and even if someone isnt hair color has nothing to do with how he fights

  193. brs Said,

    what skill? tell me wut he can do other than sit on a guy and punch him?…exactly

  194. Brandon Said,

    meh… a fights a fight, im pretty sure any of u would never go near lesner or mir in real life if they where angry… im pretty sure if u were in brocks position u would have acted the same way. and im sure if lesnar did fight fedor, brock would lose. at least now. fedor has been fighting for how long? lesner has been fighting for how long?… u cant compare the 2 ur fucking idoits… when lesner gets better and more tallented and more experience under his belt… then! that would be a good fight…. anywho good job brock good try mir..

  195. jcizzle g Said,

    ha ha lil bitch ass mir got faced raped by a real fucking fighters bout time he is ashit talking hoe cake.come we knew brock would kill his lil soft like a cloud ass lol.brock is the man and fedor is like 50 with old man dick rot like a lot of u wanksta ass mir fans u all can kick fucking dust and rust u would be knocked out in seconds in a real street fight lol lol lol!

  196. UFC Said,

    @scott – Yh he sucks at fighting, thats why hes ufc champion you dumb fuck

  197. Columbo Said,

    Yo brock Lesnars the shit!
    who cares if he has bad sportsmanship.
    i dare you guys to jump in the octagon and go one on one with him!

  198. Patrick Said,


    So because of what Lesner said and bad mouthing people you think it is bad sportmanship?…yet it’s ok for Fans and others talk bad.about him but he isn’t allowed his opinion?………sounds like your a hypocrite Scott.

    Lesner is with in his right to say anything he wants to his critics……if people said bad things about you,,would you just keep quiet and take the verbal abuse?

  199. Nery Said,

    Fedor have to kill this asshole

  200. Tabitha Said,

    Look Brock and frank are both really good fighters and to call either one of there moves cheap is ignorant. Franks submission win over Brock was very technical. Brocks win over Frank was a good strategy and also a fundamental part of ground fighting, dominate wear out and win. As far as Fador is concerned he is a great fighter but needs to except ufc offer .Ball is in his court. He is possibly best fighter in the world but needs to fight in ufc to prove it.

  201. james Said,

    hes a fucking machine anyone that talks shit is just an idiot,didnt you see that fight he just took 2 big knees in the head and it didnt even faise him hel smash antthing in hes way!!!

  202. BrockownsthatLoserMIR! Said,

    YEAH! talk all the shit you want now MIR HAHAHA

  203. kidrush Said,

    damn is brock borring. he fist hard but fight always on the ground….thats to borring for ufc….he suck hee need a own heavyweight class

  204. Mike Said,

    @John – Wow, you obviously aren’t aware that Brock has been tested throughout his entire life ever since he was in high school and every time he tests negative for steroids. When are you haters going to learn? You’re a dying breed, a lot more people like Brock than hate him.

  205. thejeffum Said,

    win is a win. like if they care who taunted who, in the end of the day one is gonna lose and be pissed at themselves, nice or not post match. honestly if u wanna watch ppl shake hands after a competition go watch cricket.

  206. John Boss Said,

    I am with you Big jim…
    Scott, I am happy you will not watch Brock the Minesota Giant again ( even if I don’t believe it), your comment shows that you know nada to UFC.
    Read these words : Fighters fight, talkers masturbate…

  207. John Boss Said,

    I bet you $10 000 these haters never fought in a mma discipline.
    You might dislike a fighter for your own personnal empty reasons, but trashing hard work, hard training…I say no no my friend.
    It shows how ignorant you are about UFC and MMA in general. Learn, then speak!
    DANA needs some scouting in Europe, there are great talents outhere.

  208. r Said,

    assuming he wont be able to hold carwin in a school boy head lock.

    brock stand up isnt good enought to beat carwin

  209. r Said,

    John Boss,
    yea grat fighters in USA but the UFC doesn’t seem to be international like other sporting orgs – at least in the the presentation

  210. STORM ROBERTS Said,

    fuck you Scott Johnson tell me to suck a dick cum guzzler sum bitch if your such a bad ass come to old scott county and start running your mouth dumbshit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  211. d man Said,

    Brock is the real deal and if people dont respect him he doesnt have to respect them. you can talk down about him all you want but the fact of the matter is brock is the champ and he earned it period.

  212. dan Said,

    ahh… i’d say… a blonde haired person?
    geez ur a fucking idiot hhaha

  213. aiden Said,

    lol the fans hate him and he dont give a shit
    frank mir eat ur words baby
    cos i bet they fucking hurt
    seriously got fucked up

  214. raul Said,

    ese lessner es una bestia pero le van a partir su mandarina en 4 y dentro de poco tiempo ya lo veran

  215. bragi Said,

    che legnate

  216. Fedor Said,

    fuck Brock, that oversized turd shoulda stayed in the WWE. Fedor is exactly 2/3 his size and he would rip him a new one. That bitch Brock ONLY wins because of his size, fckn oversized juiced up farm-gorilla

  217. BrockLesnarsaFag525 Said,

    I agre, only WWE rednecks like to see bad sportsmanship. The UFC can do better than Brock. The only reason I watch him is because I want to see him lose.

  218. BrocklesnarsaFag545 Said,

    Agreed with everything you said. I hope The new Frank Mir makes lesnar cry to his mommy. For you lesnar fans: lesnar is like a muscular ROY NELSON only more people hate Lesnar because Roy knows how to "stand up and bang" Lesnar just sits on people. Lesnar gives wrestling a bad name, only asshole wrestlers who cant do anything else to win, use a headlock. If Lesnar was a good sport and had a lot more class I would love him, but he's just too much of an ass for a lot of people to like.

  219. BrocklesnarsaFag545 Said,

    LOL, Beastly comment

  220. BrocklesnarsaFag545 Said,

    So should Brock, Dumbass

  221. BrocklesnarsaFag545 Said,

    LOL he called him a gorilla, LOL, hes not harry enough to be a gorilla, and a gorilla would theroughly PWN everyone in the UFC

  222. mepanousis Said,

    its true that Brock is a walking shiit but the only way to deal with it is to beat him.Frank the nobody Mir is just nothing special.He can loose from anybody , he is just Frank the mouth.We will soon see even stronger fighters than Brock and the martial arts and skills will have to prouve their efficiency againts huge competitors,Mma is big question about martial arts , we found out that what you need in a free fight is wrestilng – kick boxing – judo or jiu jitsu the rest of martial arts dont work when you can use all of your body without rules.
    Now its time to find out what maskles can do againts skill.Brock will never have skill and as wrestler he has not top but in a cage he seems to be extreamly dangerous for the life of his oppponent.The punches that he was giving to Mir in hald guard were completely wrong sklill and strategy but the power was so great that the fight was over from the firts touch.

  223. Ylem Said,

    I wont too see Brock Lesnar vs Marjusz Pudzianowski…it will be intresting too se him facing same fast like him but bigger and stronger figter.

  224. joe Said,

    dirty fighting? UFC means anythings goes you retard

  225. joe Said,

    headlock? no he pinned his arm back and bashed his face in

  226. joe Said,

    Gorillas are bad as mean mother fuckers. As demonstrated here.

  227. joe Said,

    the kind of grown man that dominates Mir

  228. UFC Said,


  229. Derrick Said,

    Lucky are you stupid! Mir is the more skilled fighter!! Dude the only reason brock won that fight is cause of his size and wrestling ability thats it!!! He's striking needs improvement big time!! a guy like Cain Velasquez or Shane Carwin would kick his ass and expose him once and for all!! this dude is all size and no skill!!!

  230. Sean Said,

    seriously. idc brock lesnar is a bad ass. tell him hes a poor sport. see what he does to ya. hes the man ever since wrestling!

  231. azhar ullah Said,

    bbrock is a monster, and no one can beat him, he is a real champ

  232. faceplant Said,

    It's a fight. If he wins, he wins. It's that simple. If I have to win a fight by any means, then that's how I'm going to win it. I'd rather win and be considered a dirty fighter than die with honor. Anyway, as you said, the word is "tactic". Mir got owned, plain and simple.

  233. Brockrock Said,

    when brocks over you… your done son!!!

  234. charles Said,

    i wished he would have killed that pos trash talking mir

  235. meehhhh Said,

    are you kidding me? That shit was classic. "Talk all the shit you want now, motherfucker." His bad for taking all of the hype personally, maybe. . .but how can you blame him? Also, hilarious! I'm sure he had a lot of respect for Mir at some point, but you can only hear somebody say so much ridiculously disrespectful stuff before you lose it, right?

  236. THE TRUTH Said,

    Haha you all make me all laugh you guys are going on about how lesner is not a respectful champion when your on here saying "Fuck Lesner" and Lesner is a fucking twat, because that's respectful take a look at yourself before judgying other's lesner won fair and square deal with it

  237. lolwut Said,

    lol first of all to all the brock lesnar haters: grow up. your hate for him is because he used to be in WWF? as if all you didnt watch it religiously when you were young.

    second: fedor is a shit fighter. he fights no name scrawny japanese and fat fucking flabby becahed whales. fedor vs zulu. need i say more? fedor can call himself the "worlds greatest fighter" when he fights some real people.

    third: mir is a lil bitch who was talking so much shit thats why lesnar owned him after the fight.

  238. jastar Said,

    mir sucks! he deserved it!

  239. Luk Said,

    All you people are just bad-mouthing one guy or the other. Lesnar beat Mir, that is a fact. Mir also beat Lesnar, another fact. They are 1 – 1 right now. Mir got Lesnar in a submission hold when Lesnar was still a rookie in MMA. That first match, Lesnar was better in stand-up compared to Mir, for as long as it went. Mir caught Lesnar when Lesnar made an attempt to jump off Mir while his leg was exposed. Rookie mistake, which prompts Lesnar to learn the MMA game to a deeper lvl, so the re-match would be different, hence he had the will to work hard and become better.

  240. Luk Said,

    How was it displayed in the re-match? The ability to neutralize Mir's ground game. Yes, Mir improved on his stand-up since their first match. Brock knew that, hence he decides to bring it to the ground in the rematch like Royce did back in the day to better stand-up fighters. Also, by learning more about BJJ, he was able to understand all the mechanics of working from a guard (I'm assuming here) and by understanding that, found a strategy to neutralize Mir's chances for transitioning. I found it technical rather than all the "laying on him" comments that people made. Sure, it may look like that, but hooking the head with the his arm and leg with his leg while laying across the mid-section neutralizes both the upper and lower body's ability to shift and therefore transition. It's not simply "laying" on someone, but laying on someone with purpose like whatever that metal bar is they use to secure the steering wheel of a car. Brock simply found a way to stop Mir, Mir simply wasn't prepared for what happened.

  241. Luk Said,

    As for Brock standing up with Mir, why? If he's a wrestler, wouldn't he want to ground the opponent? Wouldn't he want to take his opponent out of their game and put them in his? All fighters, no matter who always wants to play on their home turf meaning their style. Say if I'm a Muay Thai fighter and I fight a boxer with boxing rules, the boxer is more likely to win because I don't get my elbows, knees, and kicks and I'll have to throw away 75% of my arsenal going 25% against their 100%. By saying brock should do stand-up against Mir when clearly Mir developed a better stand-up is like putting him in a handicap match where you know Mir has the advantage. Mir can try to keep it on the feet, but if Brock wants a takedown, he's gonna go for it, and if Mir does not want the takedown, he better stop Lesnar as best he can. It's all about whether Mir wants to stand up or not and whether Brock will let him or vice versa.

  242. Luk Said,

    As for the antics at the end, just say emotional build-up to the match (trash talk, etc.), his WWE background kicking into gear, and MMA fans doubting him just because of WWE. It's a sport, yes, everybody needs to show sportsmanship, but everybody doubted and hated him before he was able to show them what he can do, so it's natural for him to be a little arrogant and pissed off. Hopefully he'll develop the ability to adjust to UFC's atmosphere. Anybody who is willing to learn and work hard deserves to be in the UFC or just the MMA world in general, whether they were previous WWE stars or not.

  243. Sqoosh Said,

    @chris stupid moron! No one wants to fight fedor PERIOD.. They've been giving him never heard opponents and oversized matchups because no one can't stop him. Brock? he's just a lucky bastard and he's just like kimbo..

  244. bond Said,

    shut up

  245. chris Said,

    yeah he deserves to be in the ufc..you dont deserve to comment on it…..this is fighting and they had beef..they talk alot of shit..YOU dont know what its like so shut the fuck up….save sportsmanship for little leagues you little bitch!!!!! this isnt high school this is real shit and mir deserved to have the shit thrown in his face..fuck off ..you dont deserve to be a fan

  246. UFC 116- Brock Lesnar vs Shane Carwin | Niet nuttig, of wel? Said,

    [...] groot. Het gevecht vindt plaats tijdens UFC 116 vanuit MGM Grand Garden Arena. Brock Lesnar kun je hier in actie zien tijdens de UFC 100, een video van Shane Carwin tijdens de UFC 111 check hier. Plaats dit bericht [...]

  247. NuetralObserver Said,

    Gotta hand it to Mir. You are right, more respect is due. I dont think I have seen someone block so many punches with their face while not punching the other guy at all.

  248. NeutralObserver Said,

    Skill is a relative observation. If Brock's talent in strikes is lacking, than Mir's defense was even more lacking. By my observation Brock had a connect percentage of at least 75% in the first round and 90% in the second (25 punches/23-24 connects). I think the commentators said it best "he's (Mir) got a smile on his face but that face is busted up"

  249. NeutralObserver Said,

    Dirty tactics? Which one? The one where Mir blocked all Brocks punches with his face? What I saw was a BJ master, I mean BJJ master get his face busted up old school-style. Brock only used two moves the whole fight. 1) Takedown of Mir 2) Right fist to Mir's face. Classic definition of ground and pound.

  250. NeutralObserver Said,

    To all you Mir fans here is a quick run down of the fight:


    "and here we go…..Lesnar takes down Mir…."

    "Mir takes a right to the face"

    "Mir takes another right to the face"

    "Mir takes another right to the face"

    repeat the above line about 45-50 times

    "ref stops the fight "

    I like how all Lensars punches were right to Mir's face. The commentator said it best "(Mir) has a smile on his face but that face is busted up."

    Looked like classic ground and pound to me.

  251. anthony Said,

    everybody talking shit, keep talking shit. Brock is the best heavyweight out there right now, and he'll prove it July.3. Maybe he'll finally shut all the doubter up!

  252. l.h.w Said,

    I don't get why all is trying to get brock out of ufc ? becuse hi's first was a wresler ? but nobody is talking about kimbo slice hi's i street fighter and you don't care ??
    look at brock when he is fighting ! thats a guy i don't want to get on top of me !!
    sure he can be a pussy with hi's gameplan "take him down and finish the fight there" but it's still a real fighter you can't say that his bad !! Brock lesnar you're the man ! :D

  253. Smart Jerry Said,

    Just an update. The UFC offered fedor EVERYTHING to come, even non-exclusivity to come fight him. They never have offered that to anyone.

  254. fvcku Said,

    wanna know what i think? dana whines about fedor not "beating" any good fighters.. WHO THE HELL HAS BROCK BEATEN? only fucking pussies. dana also says the media created fedor, well who the fuck created brock???? he is a fucking steroid douchbag that deserves to be shown a lesson. arrogant mother fucker. i hate ppl like him. atleast fedor is a good sportsman.

    p.s if you do think he isnt using steroids you are o so wrong. you DONT get that big without cheating.. god damn whale…

  255. Deathclutch8109 Said,

    Fuck you tool! You are most likely gay, want to suck Mir's cock, and do you really think anyone cares if you watch Lesnar fight again? Fuckin cunt tool! HAHA! Brock Lesnar Rank #1 in the world.. LOL! Tool!~

  256. gangster Said,

    fuck you bitch go suck a dick:

  257. gangster Said,


  258. craig Said,

    dude are you kidding. brock is new to the ufc and he already a champion after 4 fights tht shows how dominate he is

  259. kabir Said,

    well Done Brock I luv it brock death clutch

  260. Jack Said,


    Brock did what he did, he's not half assed shitty internet troll like you fat noobs are, you don't know the real world at all.

  261. klayton Said,

    learn how to spell THERE and THE

  262. klayton Said,

    it doesn't matter bout class dumb as

  263. PaGrappler68 Said,

    What exactly did Brock say to Mir after the 2nd fight? I just now had a chance to watch the fight onlline and noticed Brock said something to Mir. Anyone have any idea what he said?

  264. TREY Said,


  265. TREY Said,


  266. josh Said,

    stfu brock is a real ufc fight look what he did to frank plus frank is gay he sucks dicks die frank die

  267. dgfgdf Said,

    fedor is finished, placing brock and fedor in the same ring would be suicide for fedor.

  268. mir is a bjj master! Said,

    haha thats why mir was the champ right bud?

  269. Braden Said,

    Listen yall lesnar is an up and comin star he went from dominating heath herring to destroy two legends of the sport randy and frank he is repsectable not a legend yet. but he has the skills to get there. as for the fedor thing ha. fedor is over anyway it will be straight ground and pound tho. and that def was not a cheap shot. i train in mma that is actually a varation of a submission used to a more dominate position. shots from hell!!!!! Lesnar is great fighter and so is mir. and they will decide who is better becuz dana white said the next fight for lesnar and mir is prob LESNAR VS MIR III the rubber match im goin for lesnar . Frank has a problem with real heavy guys (hence the Mir -carwin and Mir-Lesnar II fights) but either way it will be a show. Lesnar has evolved greatly as a fighter if r u saw the ultimate fighter show you can see he is not all about trash talk. Mir on the other hand def is. He told the ufc he had dreams about killin lesnar in his sleep. (HARSH)

  270. jon Said,

    brock is a little cocky, but i would be too when mir was talking shit for a year

  271. The Ultimate Trilogy: Brock Lesnar vs. Frank Mir ~ nappyafro.com Said,

    [...] bout at UFC 81 led to a war of words that lasted over a year until they fought again at UFC 100 on July 11, 2009. Lesnar discredited Frank’s jiu-jitsu style while Frank mocked at Brock’s inability to defend [...]

  272. Ben Said,

    Screw u Brock lesnar had at least 40 pounds on him if they fought again Mir would kill him

  273. qaqo Said,

    brock and his fans this mesaj for you listen carefully;f.ck your mothers you are losers frank is a great boy but you are cock suckers))))yes you are.brock lesnar sucker

  274. brody Said,

    I thought he put on a hell of a show while he was there :)

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Jon Jones vs. Ryan Bader Video – UFC 126

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