UFC 91: Randy Couture vs. Brock Lesnar – fight video

Posted by MMA-Hits On June - 26 - 2009

The fight was competitive at first, but by the time Brock Lesnar was pounding Randy Couture with his huge “ham hocks,” it was looking easy for Lesnar, who looks like he is indeed the UFC’s “Next Big Thing”.

UFC 91 – Couture vs. Lesnar
Ultimate Fighting Championship
November 15, 2008
MGM Grand Garden Arena,
Las Vegas, Nev.

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24 Responses so far
  1. david "kappa" corpuz Said,

    damn, brock lesnar i wonder how far this big man is going too get in this sport.

  2. pitbull Said,

    Brick “giantstoopeed” Less Nar

  3. pitbull Said,

    helll Meerr weelll keelll heem!!

  4. MMA Supplements Said,

    Lesnar did real good.
    He showed all of his skills in one fight.
    Pretty impressive.

    MMA Supplements

  5. juan Said,

    its crazy how all of his challenges have been dominated and the one who did some what good was the old man captain america too now thats a fucking beast

  6. Rizwan Said,

    Actually Brock Lasner heavy weight and powerful then all of UFC guys thatswhy he won many times without any loss

  7. fuck ufc Said,

    Fake sport!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. bob Said,

    ufc is not a fake sport dumfuck i would knock you out if i saw you

  9. GOMKREW559 Said,

    Thame that was a good fight………………………

  10. Mark Hill Said,

    Enter text right here!

  11. fuck u Said,

    haha do u know how stupid u look sayin this u nimrod!!its not wwe u idiot.

  12. Andrzej85 Said,

    UFC is a real fighting sport, mot like your "danger" Wrestling
    Lesnar would have no chances with F.Emelianenko
    Z resztą w Polsce też mamy swoje KSW

  13. derp Said,

    u fuckin tard

  14. Sir Said,

    Bunch of pansies. Apollo Creed would destroy them :)

  15. C Lang Said,

    Yo Rocky

  16. M Said,

    I looked the end scene, where randy falls down, about ten times. And really, I do not see with which of his two punches Lesnar gets him!

    Looks like arranged fight, what a misery for this sport…

  17. Chris Said,

    Its the right that gets him near the back of the head. You can see his head jerk forward. Even if he clips him, its quite easy to become stunned when hit in the back of the head near the neck. Thats why its illegal. Although in this case it was a legal shot cause couture bent forward.

  18. bigdick Said,

    Randy's chin went a long time ago. Otherwise he would of had this fight. Lesnar was getting tired by the end of the first round. We all know Randy is a grinder and would of taken control over an exhausted Lesnar by the end of the second round.

  19. dgaf Said,

    Yall are dummbbb idiots like look at when Lesnar knees him in the chin prior to Lesnar throwing those punches. Yes it was a tap but look at Randy and how right after the clinch and exchange he tries to shake off the knee. Idiotic fuckks dont know nothing about MMA but yea in a nut shell Randys chin went a long time ago ^

  20. dgaf Said,


  21. Michael Said,

    Dumbass this, dipshit that. WTF why is it so hard to say something online with out throwing insults around. Who the hell talks like this in real life? If I were to ever meet someone who spoke like this in person, I would probably have to punch there face.

  22. Lynna Dolak Said,

    Yay google is my queen helped me to find this outstanding website!

  23. Aditya Said,

    well this sport doesn't show the real strength brock lesnar defeated by men under powered to him like frank mir etc
    Actually there's no one in UFC to check the strength of brock lesnar

  24. Fonds.Epanu.Org Said,

    Excellent post. I absolutely love this site. Keep writing!

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