Posted by MMA-Hits On June - 25 - 2010

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  1. Big_Jonny_D Said,

    Sounds a whole lot more humble now after getting dominated by GSP.

  2. jester Said,

    wow.. a GSP remark only took 1 post…

  3. Everlasting G Said,

    <img border=0 src="http://shop.thebjjlifestyle.com/v/vspfiles/templates/104/images/banners/banner1.gif">

  4. miggz925 Said,

    of course theres going to be a gsp comment this punk kid never deserved a title shot

  5. PeterHardwood Said,

    Dude, your website sucks!

  6. aftermathematic Said,

    That's why I love MMA. When a dude struts around like he's the cock-of-the-walk, talks a lot of game, then gets his ass handed to him, he gets grounded. He comes back down to earth and realizes, 'Hey, I need to work on some things. I guess I'm not invincible.' I hope to GOD this happens to Lesnar, I hate that guy.

    Hardy can only get better from here, he's still young.

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