Mark Coleman Wants To Fight Tito on 60th Birthday?

Posted by MMA-Hits On February - 2 - 2010

Watch Mark Coleman To Fight Tito on 60th Birthday? on;

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  1. lloyd Said,

    Great interview. It would of been interesting if they fought at heavyweight. I think Mark would have a better chance at heavyweight, although I think Randy would still win.

  2. Big Jonny D Said,

    Coleman would take Tito hands down. Tito has looked slow and terrible for years., he hasnt evolved and cant get a take down to save his life anymore. Coleman would have beat shogun if he didnt gas so bad at the end of the third round. But on the other hand they are both has beens and I dont think I would watch that UFC event if they were the headline, unless there were a few interesting other fights. I am not sure I will buy the coleman couture UFC either might as well go to the old age home and watch the seniors hit each other with thier canes and walkers. I am kidding of course but seriously neither of these guys are title contenders ever agian so they should hang it up.

  3. MMA Supplements Said,

    Agree, Tito has not been on his game, he still looks like he is bothered by his bum knee and his takedown defense hasn't been up to par- with even Lyoto taking him down.

    Here's rooting for Coleman.

    MMA Supplements

  4. whos next Said,

    innit. the way he exposes people like chuck about alcohol and forrest runnin an shit chuck was more successful than he was, and his last fight, he lost to forrest

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