UFC 104
Ultimate Fighting Championship
October 24, 2009
Staples Center,
Los Angeles

part 1

part 2

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  1. Jeffrey S. Said,

    I don’t think it was a “robbery”, but I do think that Shogun won.

  2. jorge Said,

    shogun got robbed …i dont know what fight the judges were watching. even my 2 year old son knows that shogun won the fight!!!! its pathetic and ambarrasing. what were they? boxing judges. i thought this was m.m.a.

  3. jorge Said,

    dude. thats the definition of robbery!!!!

  4. Navier Stokes Said,

    The link got shut down or something after 5 mins it just shut off, anyone got alternate links?

  5. rick Said,

    the video wont load it stops at 11 seconds on the first round

  6. Navier Stokes Said,

    guys plz find a link for us…. i wanna finish seeing the fight 2nite :-(

  7. Frostbrand Said,

    Not sure about the rest of you, but just into the second round the video stops. I tried it a few times, but the same thing happens each time…. very frustrating!

  8. andrew Said,

    never seen anyone get robbed worse than shogun here

  9. MMA-Hits Said,

    Updated with new link.

  10. phil Said,

    if you want to win do it by KO

  11. Eric Said,

    Bullshit… Shogun won this fight… This is just Marketing, he can lose the belt like that.

  12. ross Said,

    Shogun won. He definitely did more damage and dominated from start to finish.

  13. MavV Said,

    I can’t say that Shogun dominated from start to finish. The first 3 rounds were evenly matched and if you shut the announcing team up, I think one can reasonably come to the conclusion that Machida barely eeked those ones out.

    The 4th and 5th rounds were all Shogun. Shogun was still showing a lot of energy, whereas Machida was showing some wear. If the fight had gone another 2 rounds, Shogun probably would have ended up winning.

    But based on the MMA scoring system where fights are judged by rounds and not holistically, I can see how Machida was deemed the winner. Joe Rogan said it even before this fight… the scoring system is flawed.

  14. NUCKS Said,

    Round 1

    Shogun attempts a body kick and misses big. Machida grabs a thai clinch and fires off a flurry of knees to the body. Already he looks faster than Rua, who’s having a little trouble figuring out where Machida is going to be. Rua clinches and presses Machida against the fence. Machida defends and stays on his feet, and Rua almost seems content with a stalemate for the moment. Rua lands a nice kick to the body, and it might be the most significant strike Machida has taken in his UFC career. A couple leg kicks land for Rua, then another right kick to the ribs. Machida may actually lose this round. Either he’s being very patient, or a little too cocky.

    Wow, the UFC seems to have hired a Portuguese translator to tell us what’s being said in the corners. It’s about damn time.

    Round 2

    Rua is scoring by running in on Machida with kicks. He may be finding the range now, and Machida seems surprised by all the kicks to the body. Machida lands a good straight right that backs Rua up, perhaps his best strike of the fight. Rua continues to pound Machida with kicks to the body. Machida is wincing in pain every time one lands, and his ribs are glowing red at this point. Rua clinches against the cage and lands a knee to the groin area – also known as Machida’s beverage dispenser – but Machida doesn’t want to stop. Rua lands a few good knees to the thigh before the end of the round, and this one might be 2-0. Crazy, right?

    Round 3

    Again Rua pounds those ribs, and Machida looks like he’d really prefer for Shogun to cut that out. Machida lands sharp right hand lead that makes it through Rua’s defenses, but he seems content to throw one strike at a time right now. Rua is using his kicks to control the distance, and the pace slows a little midway through the third, which the crowd doesn’t care for. Rua gains confidence and comes rushing after Machida. In the last minute Machida finally turns it on, backing Rua against the cage with a flurry of punches and low kicks. It’s his most significant burst of offense yet, but Rua fires back with a good right hand. Tough round to call.

    Round 4

    Rua clearly has his eye on Machida’s ribs, but Machida’s corner seems more worried about the damage his legs have been taking. Machida flicks out a quick head kick, but Rua blocks it without much trouble. Machida slips and Rua rushes in to try and capitalize with a takedown as Machida scrambles away, but he can’t finish it. Both guys are slowing down, but it’s still Rua on the offensive. Rua throws another body kick and Machida blocks it, maybe for the first time all night. From where I’m sitting, it’s at least 3-1 Rua. It’s time for Machida to locate a sense of urgency about keeping that belt.

    Round 5

    Rua’s corner tells him that he has the fight won, which might be premature, but he’s definitely winning. Machida counters a body kick with a straight right that lands flush to start the fifth, but Rua seems unfazed. He’s still riding the low kick train, and it’s effective. A right hand from Rua catches Machida on the jaw and knocks him backwards. Machida doesn’t seem to realize that he’s behind on the scorecards. Rua is the one pushing the pace, and Machida isn’t offering much offense at all. They finish the fight by trading punches in the center of the Octagon, then both raising their arms in victory after the horn. Seriously, Machida? You really think you won that fight?

    Lyoto Machida def. “Shogun” Rua via unanimous decision (48-47 x 3).

    Total. Bullshit. The crowd boos the decision and even Machida looks a little surprised, if not stunned. Machida justifies it by pointing out that all three judges saw it for him. That’s true, but one of those judges was Cecil Peoples. So…

    Rua says he felt like he won, but refuses to whine about it. That’s honorable, but the fact is Rua got robbed here tonight. I’m sitting right now, trying to think through the fog of the flu, and I cannot come up with an explanation for how Machida got that decision. Just baffling.

    get him to read that…

  15. John Said,

    I think it was ABOUT even all the way BUT I think Shogun won tho. The problem I had with the fight is that it was a unanimous decision. It should of been a split decision or a draw. No way that fight was unanimous decision for Machida. I had split decision for Shogun but dont have a problem with Machida winning but I dont agree wi unanimous tho.

  16. John Said,

    NUCKS I agree. In my opinion draw or split decision for Shogun. Its no way in hell Machida won that fight by unanimous decision. I didn’t mind seeing Machida win but dont agree wi unanimous decision tho

  17. Lurker Said,

    Shogun got robbed! Fck the judges!

  18. Prston Said,

    just face it guys rua “LOST”

  19. Prston Said,

    he may have landed some good gurly punches but all the damages were done in da first 2 rnds.

  20. Phil Said,

    Well..it was a close fight and if both of these fighters were undefeated and neither of them held a title then of course Shogun would have got the decision. The fact is when it is a championship fight the challenger must convincingly punish the champion or better yet a decisive knockout for the win. That is how it usually goes. The challenger has to take the title away and not depend on the scorecards for the win. This did not happen and close fights always go to the title holder.

  21. Passion Said,

    The fight was even mostly. Shogun being the aggressor and with some solid hits looked strong but remember Machida also hit back many times even though they may not have been ‘knockout’ blows. So scoring wise I think Machida may have outscored Shogun. Remember Joe Rogan is not the expert. He comments to excite people and looks only for drama in a fight. So his comments too influences the viewers decision. Judges are impersonal and just add points whenever a hit is scored. So if all three judges have scored same points Machida must be the winner even though he seemed to be dominated by Shogun. His retreat is not a sign of weakness but a lure to Shogun to make a mistake. That is how judges see it unlike excited viewers thinking Shogun is about to finish the fight. It was a very close fight though and Shogun proved he is one of the best in the world too.

  22. Prston Said,

    all that I can say is your guy lost. and my guy won…..peace and happiness

  23. Navier Stokes Said,

    this sh@t still doesn’t work? crap

  24. kwigga Said,

    If you can win a fight on leg-kicks then he won…If not he lost.

  25. Prston Said,

    Juititsu vs. judo…Judo won
    karate vs. kick box….Karate won

  26. Tigar Said,


    Prston go suck your guys balls!

    We’re talking about sport, competition, pride and honour…. Sadly none of these attributes are NOT part of shitty UFC.

    … the best man did not win tonight.


    Well, I guess we can all look forward to the “IMMEDIATE” rematch because if there was ever a time in which a fight was horribly judged and not only the fighters want the rematch, but the fans too, this is “THE ONE”!!!!!!!!

    I have no doubts that Dana will have these guys fight again immediately (and please, no conspiracy theorist on how this was Dana’s plan all along), there’s nobody waiting in the wings who would demand a shot at Machida before this happens.

    What really pisses me off is that “FINALLY” someone fought Machida how everyone knew they should fight him with great focused execution and staying in the pocket. Machida was hurting bad to the body and extremely bad to the legs (he showed alot of heart), while Shogun fought the perfect fight, however I was a bit disappointed that he didn’t push it at the end when Machida was “CLEARLY” in pain from the leg kicks and was not moving much at all.

    And this wasn’t a case of Rua did good and was such a huge underdog so everyone thought he won, bottom line was that Shogun was landing the much harder blows and was creating more damage versus Machida who was doing his typical quick in and out kicks and punches where he doesn’t sit down on them so their wasn’t as much damage. Of course Machida did land some solid kicks, but nowhere near what Rua was doing.

    Awsome fight by Shogun, I personally didn’t think he would make it pass the 2nd round. Even after 2, I thought Machida would wear down Rua. The rematch is going to be huge, Shogun will be more confident, hopefully not overly so, because Machida now knows what to expect and will change up his game a bit. I love the fact that the title keeps changing hands, although it clearly should’ve this time!!!!

    If I’m not mistake, weren’t the scores 27-28, all for Machida, if so, can any explain a five round fight with scores as such? Maybe it was 47-48, I’ll watch the vid again.

  28. gorehawg Said,

    The problem here is the commentators. I will agree it was a close fight but I feel that Machida definitely won. The announcers were drooling over Rua’s kicks to Machida’s legs and not giving any credit to Machida for his counter strikes as well as outstanding defense. I mean lets be real here… if all those body and head kicks that Joe Rogan and company went crazy over actually landed then Machida would have lost by way of KO. The belt is where it belongs. If anything please lets get educated announcers not just people who only see offense and consider blocked shots as landed. Defense equals points and thats why Machida won because his counter strikes and his defense were phenomenal.

  29. Jake Gamboa Said,

    That aint right! oh well, i won’t be paying to watch the ufc anymore.

  30. wtf Said,

    @Phil – ok, so I know this is how the entire sports world sees championship matches – that the challenger has to “take” the championship away from the champion. Personally, I find that logic extremely flawed, because that’s the only reason that Machida won this fight, and I think it explains Anderson Silva’s last 2 title defenses as well, where he fought to no lose, rather than fighting to win. Of course he came up big against Forrest, but that wasn’t for the belt, so he had nothing to lose there. I guarantee you that if his fight vs. Forrest was for his precious belt, he would have done a lot more dodging b/c all he cares about is the record and not putting on a good fight anymore.

  31. Shogun Said,

    Buddy were just saying ok so fuck you

  32. Morg Said,

    Well as a Machida fan, i thought Shogun won because of the damage he delivered. (It might also have been the very bias judging of Rogan!) Watching back i noticed that Rogan constantly commented on the body kicks that were landing by Shogun, but ignoring the fact that Machida was always countering them with the left hand.

    Can you win a fight simply by leg kicks? I mean he only landed a couple of punches, one pretty damn good right hand, but really it was all leg and body kicks.


    @gorehawg – What the hell are you even talking about?!?! “Machida won because his counter strikes and his defense were phenomenal” WTF is that? While Machida has been great at eluding strikes in all of his other fights, this wasn’t one of them and that’s why Rua won because of the damage that he caused.

    Machida didn’t land anything near what Rua did as far as hard devestating strikes and that’s what scores the most. For you to say that his defense of blocked shots should score points makes you about as smart as a bag of hammers, that’s so RETARDED!!!! And you’re calling the announcers uneducated . . . . . please!!!!

    And of course the announcers are gonna call out the hard effective strikes that resound around the cage, they don’t have to land solidly on the head, a hard kick is a hard kick and Machida’s bright red body is a testament to that. Machida certainly did land some hard kicks and knees to the body as well, but again, Rua landed much more. And Machida’s little pitter pat punches were’nt that effective, therefore you can’t score them more than a hard kick to the legs or body.

    I respect anyones opinion regarding the outcome of the fight, but when you have this much outrage over the decision, obviously alot of people saw it differently. It had nothing to do with the commentators, the bar where I watched it from didn’t have the volume up because every other tv was college football and they couldn’t play both through the sound system.

    Everyone in the bar, including the Machida fans thought Shogun won the fight and you’ll see an immediate rematch because of this controversy.

  34. Shogun Said,

    Well when those leg kicks slow down a fighter like machida then yes . & machida wasn’t nearly doing as much damage to shogun as shogun did to him . Machida got like 2 good counter swarms that’s all that was really worth mentioning . Everyone knows shogun won that fight . But unfortunatly for shogun the rematch is going be twice as hard . Now that machida knows shogun can beat him he is going to know what to suspect next time . So shogun is going to have to come up with One hell of a gameplan or else the fight won’t be close enough for the judges to fuck it up


    @Morg – Of course you can win with leg kicks, that’s MMA, what planet are you on?! A strike is a strike, that’s like asking does Mirko Cro Crop win if he knocks his opponent out with a leg kick, which he is obviouisly known for. This isn’t boxing, whether it’s elbows, shins, knees, leg locks, triangle chokes, armbars, whatever it takes to do the most damage to your opponent, are you telling me you can’t win by those techniques either?!

    Machida’s punches aren’t that hard because he relies on speed and follow up techniques where he throws multiple strikes repeatedly. Once he hurts someone, then he starts putting more into them, but he never had Rua hurt like that so he was doing what he does best and that’s hitting without being hit.

    And stop with this announcers bullshit, yes we all can get caught up in the moment with the commentating and just the sheer excitement of the fight while watching it on tv, but practically the “WHOLE ARENA” was booing the decision!!!! Are you guys saying they could hear Joe Rogan from cage side doing the commentating, I think not.

  36. Morg Said,


    1. Don’t be a patronising prick.

    2. Ok what I said came out wrong, Of course you can win with leg kicks. Bas Rutten knocked out Warpath with like, 5 massive leg kicks. But I’m saying that judges might not score a leg kick as highly as a punch in the face. A strike is a strike yes, but one strike might score more highly than another. But I don’t know how the judges scores work, maybe shogun lost because head punches count for more than leg kicks, and although they weren’t that powerful, Machida did get quite a lot of punches through, even if they wrren’t that powerful. But hey, as you said, a strike is a strike, so a soft punch scores the same as a hard punch right?

    All I’m trying to do is justify why Machida won from a judges point of view. As I said in my first post, I thought Shogun won.

    As for the announcers and booing comment, I’m referring to what I saw and heard, not what the crowd saw and heard.

  37. PRE-EMPTIVE STRIKE'S Slutty Mom Said,

    “A strike is a strike, that’s like asking does Mirko Cro Crop win if he knocks his opponent out with a leg kick, which he is obviouisly known for.” That comment makes you sound retarded. Other body parts can be used for kicking? Or are you saying Cro Crop knocked someone out by kicking their leg? SCOREBOARD!!!! Defense + counter strikes > kicks to the legs and failed attempts at head shots. Too bad Rua is gonna have to use food stamps to feed his daughter now hahahaha. Do they have food stamps in Brazil?


    @Morg – 1st of all, I wasn’t patroni”z”ing you, if you wrote something that can be easily misconstrued, then you can obviously grammatical emendations to your post.

    Your point is taken regarding the judges unpopular conclusive rendering of what seemed to be a Shogan victory. As I too wrote earlier, everyone can see the fight differently, however, this was not a obligatory hometown robbery of Rua, but what many believe to be a gift wrapped win with a bow on top for Machida.

    And as for my announcers comments, that was a general statement to all posters who seem to blame the Jedi Mind Tricks of Joe Rogan as to why everyone saw Rua win this fight.


    @PRE-EMPTIVE STRIKE’S Slutty Mom – Hey mom, I didn’t realize you were on this site too, AWSOME!!!!!!

    If you had bothered to read (which I know comes with painful headaches for you), that was simply a retort to another poster who asked if fights can be won with kicks.

    But since you’ve seem to put things in anatomical perspective by brilliantly stating that “Other body parts can be used for kicking” . . . . WTF is that!!!!!! Sure, let me kick someone in their ribcage with my elbow, or how’s this one, I’m gonna kick your ass with my forearm. Holyshit, it just doesn’t get anymore catastrophycally dim-witted than that, CONGRATS!!!!!

    And the grand finale, you think that I’m from Brazil because I was cheering for the Brazilian in this matchup, WHEW I don’t even think stem cell research could grasp that kind of neuron misfiring.

  40. jscot Said,

    How the fuck did he win a UD. It doesnt even add up that way. These are the judges scorecards. Machida only won the 2nd round. HOW THE FUCK!?

    1.) 10-9 R 10-9 R 10-9M
    2.) 10-9 M 10-9 M 10-9 R
    3.)10-9R 10-9 M 10-9 R
    4.)10-9 rua x3
    5.) 10-9 rua x3

  41. Josh Said,

    “A challenger must clearly dethrone the champion” is a boxing law. It holds no weight in MMA. Keep the slow gay sport of boxing views out of mma.

    Enough Said!

    Rua Won and was robbed by the gay politics of UFC.

    Just like Michael Bisbing’s sorry ass was created by gay UFC politicians to attract the crazy Ricky Hatton British fans into pumping millions into the UFC. We won’t know the politics behind this incident for another 6 months.

  42. R0bert2169 Said,

    What do you call a victory being taken from you then? I think ‘robbery’ is a pretty accurate description.

  43. rick Said,

    @PRE-EMPTIVE STRIKE – well since it was a champion ship fight i think the challenger has to do more to get the belt if its a close fight fight itll always go to the champ if rua took him down alot and punished him then maybe he would have goten it but all he did were kicks

  44. Strauboids Said,

    I agree with one of the prior comments; if you were to watch with the volume turned off, you might not think it was such a one sided fight. Machida would land two strikes and Rua would counter with one leg kick and the guys ringside would exclaim “Nice Counter by Shogun!” I do think Machida was out-classed but, I’d like to see a strike count on this one. I’m not sure why they don’t post those #’s the way they do in boxing.

  45. John Boss Said,

    Well, I have been thinking and thinking, over and over. No round for Shogun? This abuse my friends
    Uno: Machita is the champion, and Rua was not totally 100% decisif. When you are the challenger, you have to win without any cloud over your performance. Otherwise, judges will favor the champion. This is a fact, so before you object make your research.

    Dos: DANA, stay in Vegas for exceptional fights.

    Tres: For all of you cheap bastards who complain about the video streaming, next time save a few bucks and buy your PPV.

  46. Strauboids Said,

    FightMetric has the total strikes @ 82-42 Rua-Machida and the HiPer 80-38. Machida outperformed Rua 38-36 but, they still have Rua winning 49-47.

  47. Joseph Said,


  48. John Boss Said,

    Thanks Strauboids…

  49. jin-shiro Said,


  50. Someone Said,

    This match was good but i think Sho Gun should have tooken it.. lyoto didnt get much on him…

  51. pcash Said,

    too bad they’re cannot be a draw.

  52. Filbert Said,


    Ya right they gave the decision to forest when it was a close fight, rampage won that fight. Now Shogun winds his fight and they give it to machida.

  53. Joseph Said,

    Yeah Shogun hurt Machida, but he didn’t finish him. And its not like Shogun was untouched either, he was hurting too. It was a pretty even fight. If it had been a non-title fight Shogun might have won the decision. Shogun has been Machidas most challenging opponent to date, he did a great job of nullifying Machida’s setups and counters and he did some great counters himself. This was a great fight and a great clash of styles!

  54. hamoumoko Said,

    c’mon guys, I saw the fight twice, and Lyoto did absolutely win this one! honestly, when did Shogun ever be a menace during the fight? There’s at least three times where Lyoto agressively attacked and inflicted serious punishment before shogun managed to escape with a lucky punch. And, even when Shogun landed nice kicks, he never followed! I mean you have to look at the whole physionomy of the fight, there was really one guy who was seeking to finish there. I agree Lyoto looked much more disappointed than Shogun at the end, but this is only because he was such a huge favorite. Lyoto looked to finish while Shogun was very happy to not have been devastated alike other (valuable) Lyoto’s previous adversaries.
    Also,guys, try to ignore Joe Rogan’s very biased commentaries; I saw uncountable times where I actually felt Lyoto made more damage during the contact and JR just kept screaming about Shogun’s!
    1 lesson for Machida however, he needs to pay more attention when coming of clinches! it’s so lame for an artist of his quality to get caught so many times in those situations.
    And as said the other commentator, ou want the belt, you need to beat the belt holder! it’s not sufficient to just hold in there up to the end.

  55. adam Said,

    okkk….some of u said its all ufc politics and all that bullshit ..but if it was up to them they would favor rua…cause than they could possible put super match up between UFC LWHchampion vs MWchampion…so it was not politics or dana white…and the other think dont listen to joe rogan watch the fight again ,without volume…if it was wrong decision than not all judges would favor machida….it was really close fight …

  56. John Said,

    Lol these comments are funny!

  57. John Said,

    I agree with everybody’s view of the fight rather you were for Machida or Shogun. The only thing I didn’t like was “unanimous” decision. It should of been a split decision. The fight was a masterpiece true MMA to the finest.

  58. Olof Said,


    Rua didn’t lost my friend and you know it.. that was a tie .. even a split decision… but an unanimous decision??? WTF.. all the crowd booed the decision dude

    machida and shogun rule the 205 division.

  59. auditman Said,

    I totally disagree with anyone who thinks Machida won this fight. Just because your the champ doesn’t mean you can stall the whole fight, land a few punches & kicks and win the round. Machida’s style of fighting seems to convince judges that he won the round somehow and makes for a very long drawn fight that usually goes to a decision. I would rather watch a hard fought battle of punches and grappling.

  60. Jason Said,

    Close fight but wow I thought Shogun just nicked the victory. Hopefully Shogun stays healthy, because watching him fight like that was a lot better than when his condition wasn’t up to par, like the 2nd Coleman fight.

  61. Vinh Said,

    “To be the champion you must beat the champion” Whoever thinks shogun should have won this is pretty dumb in my opinion… even with all the damage he took Lyoto never really lost his composure and almost every time there was an exchange, they countered each other, even though the announcers never reported it most of the time… when its that even u gotta really beat the champion to win the belt.. like how lyoto knocked the fuck out of rashad.. shogun may have slightly won but no way in hell does he deserve the belt, the way he fought this fight in my opinion is he landed strong jab type strikes, but he had no plan of destroying lyoto… and thats the point .. so stop crying… Lyoto was even welcoming a rematch so i don’t know why you all are hating on him so much

  62. KiKi Said,

    So, you are saying that “even if Shogun slightly won” he doesn’t deserve to win the belt? Now that is “pretty dumb in my opinion”, especially considering the fact he more than slightly won. He dominated the pace of the fight and inflicted more damage. If I were Machida I would do the honorable thing and give the belt back.

  63. PAY-PER-VIEW: Watch UFC 104 - Lyoto Machida vs. Mauricio Shogun Rua (Full Fight) | FUCK YOUR BLOG!!! - 3XGP.COM is all about MUSIC-FASHION-SPORTS-GOSSIP - Updated Daily Said,

    [...] Written by Rick From Chicago on October 25th, 2009 in MMA, Pay-Per-View, Sports, UFC, Video Clips. 1 views You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site. Lyoto Machida vs. Mauricio Shogun Rua (Full Fight) [...]

  64. MAUI WOWI Said,


  65. Randommmaguy Said,

    Shogun won that. I feel like what Mike Goldberg said was true. I think if you don’t clearly win a round, judges will give a draw round or close round tot he Champion just cuz he’s the champ. Thats the only way i can see Shogun not winning 3 rounds to 1 and one draw. Even then He woulda won. Not fair. is this the First time Machida’s bled in the octagon?

  66. Demetrios Said,

    @gorehawg – Does the crowd in the arena hear Rogan and Goldberg too ? They were all booing too i don’t think 20000 people saw it wrong . Machida simply did not do enough to win this figh . He stuffed most of the take downs but took shots doing it . Rua blocked a lot of the Machida strikes and counterd hard. Was the aggresor evey round had the octogon control every round , that alone with out any strikes is enough to win the fight and he did land more strikes . This was a disgusting result and an embarsment to the UFC . If Machida was a true champion he should have given the belt to shogun and ask for a rematch . he would have won many fans this way too. I wonder if they called out the wrong name .

  67. Demetrios Said,

    How bad do you need to beat him to win the belt?

  68. Bootz Said,

    Shogun definitely won this fight, but the judges are going to score it how they will. I think it will be a great rematch, and I look forward to possibly seeing (as Joe and Mike said) a fight between Maurico and Anderson.

  69. Shogun Said,

    Everyone who think shogun lost because he didn’t make a very decisif win against machida are dumb as shit . 1st of all that is the most retarded thing I have ever heard . That’s like saying to win the belt you have to knockout of submit or just plain dominate the champion in order to get the belt . 2nd do this again machida ?? Like really ? Shogun did what no one has been able to do . Shogun won everyone knows this . Machida knows this . The commentating has Nothing to do with mine or most of evryones decision .

  70. JDSBrasa Said,

    I’m a big Lyoto fan but this decision was the worst in UFC history as far as i can recall. I thought Shogun clearly won every round. He landed the more damaging shots and was the aggressor for most of the match. I don’t even know what to say about Lyoto winning it by UNANIMOUS decision. Another guy used the word “baffled” and i think that would be the best way to describe this decision.

  71. JDSBrasa Said,

    And to the guys saying Lyoto won, all I can say is watch the fight again. Watching it live and drunk I thought Shogun did JUST enough to win but I tried to convince myself it was an acceptable decision by thinking “well you DO have to TAKE the belt from the Champ so i guess i get where the judges are coming from”….Not after watching the fight a second and third time. 5-0 Shogun clearly, 4-1 at worst. Feel really bad for Rua.

  72. slim Said,

    Yes watch fight with volume off, y’ll see it was more even. This is good for picking up more, you can focus on the energy between fighters more.

  73. Terence Said,

    Oh man, I like machida, but in this fight shogun should really win…. very sad ending :( Don’t know how the judges score this fight…..

  74. javi Said,

    to beat the champion you must clearly beat the champion, shogun gave a great fight but you have to leave it all in the ring and shogun didn’t risk enough to be a champion.@Jeffrey S. -

  75. ieyan Said,

    the judges is BS..machida win by unanimous decision? really? shogun do much damage than machida..

  76. MIke Said,

    It was a close fight but I had to turn off the commentary half way through the second round. I found it to completely change the fight. Every time Rua would land a kick the announcers would go crazy and never mention the fact that he was getting hit in the face by Machida’s left hand each time. I watched it closer and closer and saw Machida landing clean punches to Rua’s face. With the announcers I thought Rua won, but watching with no commentary I think I was very close with Machida as the victor or at least a tie, and as you know, tie goes to the reigning champ. I didn’t care who one but the announcers seemed to.

  77. shawn Said,

    @NUCKS – i totally agree look like dana said to rua that he won the fight

  78. Igor Said,

    Who said that Shogun didn’t win?? You’re kidding!! Shogun was more offensive at least. It’s a robbery.

  79. Isaac Said,

    kd iguim?!

  80. Marcel Said,

    Machida Wins!!! Machida ganhou com certeza. Shogun atacou mais, mas os golpes não entraram. Já Machida conseguiu encaixar mais golpes e com certeza ganhou a luta!

  81. inbredfriend Said,

    @NUCKS – hey, nucks… peoples was one of the judges.. i agree that shogun deserved the win, but all judges thought otherwise, and like they said, you have to clearly beat the champion in order to be the champion. i guess they didn’t think he had done enough.

  82. Will Makemills Said,

    Lyoto clearly got sparked his face also says it and body, legs. Lyoto Runawaymachida even knew it. Im glad I didnt order this bs fight.

  83. bigboy Said,

    This must be the first time u people watched a championship fight in any sport.You can’t win a fight by throwing leg and body kicks the whole fight he threw about 8 punches the whole fight and most were of the clinch and the only way to be a true champion is to knockout the current champion and that didn’t happen if ur a shogun fan u should be happy theres going be a rematch because if he did win the fight he will lose the next fight by any challenger. better luck next time don’t hate on the current champion……

  84. shel Said,

    @bigboy – i agree u have to do more than leg and body kicks to beat the champ knock him out.

  85. Will Makemills Said,

    A real champ doesnt runaway all the time from anyone so You lyoto fans must be the type to run away from danger.

  86. Rene Said,

    I am a great fan of Machida but honestly Shogun clearly won the fight. Whatever you say guys, you can hear booos from people who were present there who saw everything more clearly..Shogun Rua great fight

  87. mark montoja Said,

    POLITICS and this may very well be the start of the end of UFC. imagine all the aspiring contenders having this king of situation on the the back of there head before, during and after a 4-6 months training camp.

  88. John Said,

    Decision has the whole world buzzing lol. You can make a case for Machida or Shogun winning this fight. The only thing we all can agree on is the decision should of been a split not unanimous.

  89. John Said,

    Shogun out class Machida. Machida landed more clean power. Everybody’s viewpoint of this fight is right because you can make a case for Machida or Shogun.

  90. braddakimo Said,

    Normally Joe Rogan would be ‘matter of fact’, tonight during the fight he sounded like he already knew that Machida was going to be declared winner no matter what. Watch it again and you will notice. Anyone watching knows who won, the crowd (already pro Machida) wasn’t booing for no reason.

  91. Ramon Chingon Said,

    Shogun won this fight no doubt, now he did not get the decision because his record has a couple of loses and Machida has no loses (except for this fight) so by giving Machida the win the UFC can continue to make bank. What I would love to see is Anderson Silva vs Shogun and “if” Anderson wins he should fight Machida. And also Shogun totally deserves a rematch.

  92. braddakimo Said,

    a fighter trains his ass off for a few months, wins the fight fair and square, and some ‘promoter’ takes it away for more money. i like Machida, but i don’t want to see him win this way. Wasn’t that Don King i saw in the background? Or is Dana White the don king protoge’?

  93. steventpa Said,

    just open the door for strikeforce at least they dont fix there fucking fights and i noticed that about rogan also but this and but that shogun won that was bs u just lost a lot of fans with that bs dana

  94. psychbiker Said,

    Its a close one…But Rogan was clearly one sided for Shogan. Turn off the volume and watch the end of the third round.Now watch it again with Rogan commenting!! Clearly Machida landed 3times as many stikes but Joe says That he saw an exchange and that he would have to see the replay. Its a totally diffrent fight with the sound off. It appears Machida clearly took the 1st and 3rd rounds with round 2 a draw. Rua did seem to do better in the end as his leg kicks killed Machidas movement. I see a draw…With Shogan gaining momentum in the end.Rua would have won if the fight continued ..but it looked lik a draw.

  95. Seth Said,

    I think they should minimize the size of the octagon to avoid run around..

  96. Lurker Said,

    Judges score the fights based on

    Effective Striking and
    Octagon Control Right?

    Agression – Shogun for me but that is debatable considering how machida was agressive on some instances
    Effective Striking – No doubt, Shogun WON.
    Octagon Control – Shogun clearly controls the ring and the pace of the fight.

    so how in bloody hell machida won? O.o

  97. Peter Hardwood Said,

    I am not going to post an opinion about this fight because there is always someone in the shadows waiting to counter-post and start name-calling. Instead, check out this pathetic fact:
    Machida still hasn’t lost a round in the UFC!

  98. Julumkana Said,

    @andrew – Yeah i’ve seen someone else get robbed. Abraham Goldberg lost his title to Victor Chang without a fight even taking place in Vancouver BC.

  99. Adam Said,

    Originally Posted By bigboyThis must be the first time u people watched a championship fight in any sport.You can’t win a fight by throwing leg and body kicks the whole fight he threw about 8 punches the whole fight and most were of the clinch and the only way to be a true champion is to knockout the current champion and that didn’t happen if ur a shogun fan u should be happy theres going be a rematch because if he did win the fight he will lose the next fight by any challenger. better luck next time don’t hate on the current champion……

    your theory is flawed… it’s just fucking stupid, actually…watch the Forrest/ Rampage fight…

    I was there…everyone thought Shogun won, not just the people listening to the announcers…everyone thought Shogun won, cause shogun DID win…

    fuck the judges…shogun ftw!

  100. Mustafa Said,

    are you fu**ing kidding me? Shogun won the fight and everybody can see that. Machida wasn’t doing anything and especially in the last round. UFC was the top and the best around the world, but now after this fight UFC is one of the worst(My opinion) and I thank God that Fedor doesn’t join UFC.

  101. Phil Said,

    Originally Posted By ShogunEveryone who think shogun lost because he didn’t make a very decisif win against machida are dumb as shit . 1st of all that is the most retarded thing I have ever heard . That’s like saying to win the belt you have to knockout of submit or just plain dominate the champion in order to get the belt . 2nd do this again machida ?? Like really ? Shogun did what no one has been able to do . Shogun won everyone knows this . Machida knows this . The commentating has Nothing to do with mine or most of evryones decision .

    Yes. It is retarded. Yes it sucks..yes..this all started in pit fighting (now common in boxing too). It is stupid, but guess what? That is how it is. You ask any fighter in person and they will tell you that the challenger MUST derisively beat the champ to get the belt. The number one rule is to NOT depend on the judges to get the win. They understand the politics better then anyone for sure because they deal with it day in day out.

    Machida won..plain and simple. Shogun might have won under different circumstances, but he did not do enough to sway the judges “opinions”. That is all that matters, really.

  102. greg Said,

    to me, the argument that “if you watch the fight with no sound it was closer” has no merit…. part of judging is in the ears, too. When Shogun kicked Lyoto’s legs, it was like a baseball bat making a clean hit. Lyoto’s knees were completely locked for nearly all of round four & five, because of the utter devastation of those low kicks. The power in Shoguns strikes was seen, felt & heard by everyone in that arena. Even if the number of strikes landed were equal, Shogun still wins the fight, because his strikes were far more destructive.

  103. johnson Said,

    One thing to note about this fight is that yes shogun landed alot of leg kicks, but a large majority of those leg kicks were in response to a kick to the boby from machida. So they both get a landed hit there. For the record i think yes it was a bit of a rigged decision, but neither fighter had shown what they were capable of in that fight. As much hype that machida got during advertisment that was a disapointing performance. Now the same can be said for shogun, we normally see shogun as a get in there and bang kind of fighter, or take em to the ground and pound. neither of these things were done in this fight. Machida however did what he always does backs away and wait for his moment to attack, granted he never got the chance to finish the fight, but he did stick to his game plan thats made him so popular.

  104. Demetrios Said,

    OK is for any moron that is making arguement for Machida . First I have nothing against the man and think he is one of the best .

    Octagon control Winner Rua and every round

    Agressor Winner Rua at least 4 -1

    Take down attemps vs stoped take downs Winner Machida stuffed all but one Also don’t forget took shoots doing so mostly knees

    Striking Winner Rua Landed almost 2 to 1 again LANDED NOT THROWN plus Rua trew more strikes cus he was the agressor.

    Thats what the judges have to go on

    If you don’t agree I have nothing else to say.

  105. Demetrios Said,

    @Lurker – AMEN THANK YOU

  106. Demetrios Said,

    Is it possible Don King has stuck his nose inthe UFC too ?

  107. Demetrios Said,


  108. Marcio Said,

    The video still stops at the 2 round….. does anybody has another link with the full video?

  109. spaceman Said,

    You are not going to walk away with the UFC title Belt after the champion destroyed so many great fighters in his wake.
    SHOGUN has barely proved himself in the UFC.
    THis is the UFC we are talking about-remember.
    I Agree with an ealier comment: “If you take away the announcers the fight was very close” . Multiple times I heard Mike Goldberg and Joe Rogan scream “RUA with some great punches to the face of Machida” Where on the replay Machida barely gets scathed.

    THAT leads me to another point or question:

    I will say one thing I have never seen Machida get hit as much as he did and I have never seen him look that dazed before.

  110. Demetrios Said,

    Originally Posted By spacemanYou are not going to walk away with the UFC title Belt after the champion destroyed so many great fighters in his wake.
    SHOGUN has barely proved himself in the UFC.
    THis is the UFC we are talking about-remember.
    I Agree with an ealier comment: “If you take away the announcers the fight was very close” . Multiple times I heard Mike Goldberg and Joe Rogan scream “RUA with some great punches to the face of Machida” Where on the replay Machida barely gets scathed.
    All his previous fights are erelavent and shows your bias . What you have to go on are those 5 rounds that night with shogun . I can easlily say sogun was the best pound for pounder before too it’s completly erelavent to this fight . If you take away the announcers it changes nothing the fight remains the same . Octogon control Agressor and stricking all go to Shogun takedown defence goes to Machida thats it .

    THAT leads me to another point or question:

    I will say one thing I have never seen Machida get hit as much as he did and I have never seen him look that dazed before.

  111. Demetrios Said,

    @Demetrios – All his previous fights are erelavent and shows your bias . What you have to go on are those 5 rounds that night with shogun . I can easlily say sogun was the best pound for pounder before too it’s completly erelavent to this fight . If you take away the announcers it changes nothing the fight remains the same . Octogon control Agressor and stricking all go to Shogun takedown defence goes to Machida thats it .

  112. edwin Said,

    DOES ANYONE KNOW THE ENTRANCE SONG TO SHOGUN ? I was there and it was bad ass. It was like a big ass rave. Sick techno song. well let me know

  113. John Boss Said,

    Sorry pals, but Vegas crowd 1
    LA crowd 0

  114. dk3223 Said,

    @Lurker – Finally someone says something that makes sense this is exactly the way that mma fights are supposedly scored. The problem is that the judges scoring the fight and the scoring system are from boxing. Thats where the whole you have to K.O. the champ to be the champ thing comes from, but this is mma and there are a multitude of ways to win a fight. All of this being said Shogun should have one by split decision or it should have been a draw. Machida had a few spots but overall Shogun exercised effective aggression, clean striking, and octagon controll. If you score each round this way there is no way Machida wins. This is clearly a case of boxing judges favoring light counterpunches to the head over heavy leg and body kicks which were visibly damaging.

  115. Ajjj Said,

    I watched the fight live on PPV, and thought that Rua won the fight. After I heard the announcement, I was shocked. So I rewound the dvr, and we all watched it a second time. And I can definitively say, that after I looked at it again, I can see how the judges arrived at their decision. Machida in 1, 2, and 3. Shogun in 4, and 5. Very good, close fight. I’d love to see a rematch.

  116. LUKEBOY Said,

    Team BADBOY Sucks . SIlverStar FOR life …. You lost Shogun stop crying

  117. Leco Said,

    UFC Sucks
    everybody should stop watching that crap
    Good old days of PRIDE

  118. tony Said,

    shogun clearly won, mma should learn one thing from boxing. sometimes in boxing the officials sit down and watch a fight and strip the fight from the fighter and giv the win to the real winner which in this case is shogun. and the judges dont even know how to score!

  119. Al Bundy Said,

    I think the commentary in this fight was heavily in favor or shogun. it was as if every time he landed a kick to the legs that it was a cause for a great celebration. I’ve never seen so much celebration for landing a kick to the body when the other guy is never in trouble, until this fight. nevermind the fact that pretty much everytime he landed a clean kick to machida’s body he got punched in his face with a straight left. if you go back and watch the fight (with the commentary turned down or off) you will see a completely different fight. and machida won pretty much every exchange until round 4.

    for example, when machida switched stances they said “now machida has to switch stances to protect himself” wtf? machida has been switching stances all over the place his entire time in the ufc.

    shogun didn’t land ONE punch to machida’s head until that last exchange in the 3rd round when he landed one left, after eating 3-4 solid clean punches from machida. shogun was in trouble until he landed that punch, he never had machida in trouble, and he failed on all his take down attempts.

    point blank shogun lost.

    he’s a fool for thinking he could go in there and outpoint machida with leg and body kicks. its a bitch ass strategy and he got what he deserved, which is a loss. he got outpointed.

    and all you people talking about a rematch, do you really think he would fare any different? i doubt it. he fought the entire fight too conservatively and would do the same thing again.

    joe rogan and the other commentator were giving shogun way too much credit, simply because he was the first guy to actually *gasp* land with any type of consistency against machida; but lets not forget they were mostly leg and body kicks…and he was getting countered everytime–he can just take a punch.

    Machida won rounds 1-3, round 4 was a toss up but probably to rua, and round 5 to rua. sounds like what the judges came up with.

    Shogun is a bum

  120. dk3223 Said,

    @Al Bundy – You’re clearly a Machida fan. The reason Joe Rogan seemed so biased was the fact that Shogun’s kicks landed way harder than Machida’s pattycake lefts. And anybody who has watched K-1 knows that fighters switch stances to protect sore legs. The bruising on Machida’s lead leg was evidence of this. Oh and the reason Shogun didn’t throw many punches to the head is because He isn’t stupid Machida’s style is taylor made for over aggressive strikers, who swing for the fences when they are far out of range!

  121. shawn Said,

    hell yeahh Shogun got robbed wow.. machida looked so surprised with that win lol

  122. Ashwin Said,

    Mashida knows he lost. I can’t believe this decision!!!! For what I have been looking for 25 min. They could have said in advance that they would Mashida. Only in America

  123. The truth is.. Said,

    Shogun won the last two rounds,and everyone who favors him are basing their decision on that.Machida had the first three rounds.3-2.THEREFORE MACHIDA IS THE WINNER.

    If you want to base your decision on the last two rounds then clearly Shogun comes out on top.
    And Shogun did not solve the Machida puzzle.He strategy was this: kick,kick,kick,kick,kick,kick,kick,kick,kick,kick,kick,kick,kick,kick,kick,kick,kick,kick,kick,kick,kick,kick,kick,kick,kick,kick,kick,kick.
    Machida is still the spuerior oif th two fighters,but Shogun was the more deserving of this victory.

  124. tony Said,

    did any one notice when machida went after shogun in the 3rd round and the end of his weak onslought he was hit with a hard right hand from shogun and made machidas head fall into shoguns chest. he stopped cuz he was hurt by shogun.
    shogun is the champ period

  125. jay that dude Said,

    dam man i watched it 3 times now wow i still cant believe they raised machidas hand i fell for shogun shogun def def won the fight man def rematch i hope lyoto doesnt lie to get out of the fight and hope we see the same shogun that we saw in this fight

  126. hush Said,

    Machida won because he won the first 3 of 5 rounds. im not favoring any fighter but in the first 3 rounds, if you replay each kick and punch (as i did about 3 times each), you will see that machida landed more and with less attempts. shogun landed harder kicks, but most of his kicks were countered simultaneously with a machida kick or punch or a combo of kick and punch. I thought machida’s kicks were faster. Watch it again a replay each if u dont believe it.!!! shogun landed more hits in the next 2 rounds and it overshadowed the first 3 rounds. Machida got 3 rounds and Shogun 2. Nuff said… o yea, the commentators need to stop trying to hype everything up.

  127. hush Said,

    to Tony, even though machida’s “onslaught” at the end of 3 seemed weak, but he actually landed about 4 clean shots and even a kick. shogun landed one good right… umm seriously? the fight is scored for a reason, not on who has the stronger punch or kick.

  128. MeeCrob4U Said,

    Worst decision by MMA judges in the history of the sport.

  129. Demetrios Said,

    Originally Posted By The truth is..Shogun won the last two rounds,and everyone who favors him are basing their decision on that.Machida had the first three rounds.3-2.THEREFORE MACHIDA IS THE WINNER.

    If you want to base your decision on the last two rounds then clearly Shogun comes out on top.

    And Shogun did not solve the Machida puzzle.He strategy was this: kick,kick,kick,kick,kick,kick,kick,kick,kick,kick,kick,kick,kick,kick,kick,kick,kick,kick,kick,kick,kick,kick,kick,kick,kick,kick,kick,kick.

    Machida is still the spuerior oif th two fighters,but Shogun was the more deserving of this victory.


  130. greg Said,

    The absolute worst fight i have ever seen. Nothing but dancing around holding hands. Glad I never paid to see it.

  131. dean Said,

    machida deff just squeezed by.
    but the only reason why people thought shogun won is because
    of the commentators favoring shogun

  132. machida Said,

    hello my name is lyoto machida and i won that fight!! goo meeee!!!!

  133. Mayhem Said,

    Joe rogans a fuckin moron. Shogun kicked machida in the leg at 24:33 and joe says “nice body kick by shogun”. Shitty fight, to close to call but i think shogun pulled it out.

  134. Anthony B Said,

    That was pretty ridiculous… Lyoto is a favorite of mine but he didnt have anything that outstanding in this fight to show that he won. Shogun should have won that fight. One of the worst deicisions. There has to be a rematch lol

  135. car Said,

    Man i watched this fight again and again and i think machida won 4 rounds, but they made it seem like shogun was just manhandeling him, hear all the times these commentaters say shogun its f*cking hilarious COMMENTATERS ARE ON SHOGUNS D*CK and when machida lands a hit they just say ” machida landed a hit” and when shogun lands one they say ” i think we might have a new champion.Machida won and if there is a rematch he will win again and then you will look back on this and realize u have no idea what ur talking about dumbass.@NUCKS -

  136. My Own Opinion Said,

    Its clear that Shogun was the aggressor.. This fight should have won by shogun

  137. My Own Opinion Said,

    UFC President Dana White criticized the judging, stating during the post-fight press conference, “I thought Shogun won the fight” and that he was “ready to make the rematch as fast as we can”.

    The rematch will be in January 2, 2010 (See it in the table at the bottom of the page):


    Hope this time Shogun will plan for a KO.

  138. Carl Jones Said,

    Looks more like the russian Figure skating judges. Did Lyota land one hard Kick. what a load of Crap

  139. noelmma Said,

    i think machida won by a country mile…………………………..bullshit dana couldnt have one of his prise fighters beaten in his first defence after all the hype about machida after he destroyed evans. Machida landed some quick attacks but shogun for me and stevie wonder out pointed him in every round, i always like watching machida but shogun was robbed like a fat kid at a bus stop.

  140. sergio Said,

    es una lastima lo que hace ufc shogun gano indiscutiblemente y le robaron la pelea incluso los comentaristas en toda la pelea estan diciendo que shogun es mejor .
    Pd: dana y ufc rateros

  141. Jimmy Said,

    WHAT???? that was weird i was rooting for lyoto but i knew rua won but if you look at a different point of view Rua was hitting and running

  142. Julius Said,

    Lyoto won the round 1, 2 and 3. So he won the fight. It seams that you guys didn´t watch the fight a all.

  143. dylan Said,

    the video stops at 6 seconds for me!

  144. Pete Said,

    Could you please check out again round two? It was definitely Shogun’s round! Shogun won the rounds 1,2,4 and 5, Machida won only the round 3.

  145. Pete Said,

    Hups, after all Machida won the round 2 and 3, but Shogun won the rounds 1,4 and 5. What ever.

  146. flip Said,


  147. killa kcrunch Said,

    This is the start of a critical point in MMA. It was far from unanimous and the fact that Rua was robbed right before THE fans that watch is an injustice. If you take into account what the announcers are saying you are not being swayed in any way. Just watch tha damn video without the sound and watch the points add up and any fool can and will tell you that Shogun was the aggressor and surely took the Win.

  148. robinhud Said,

    assisti o video da luta
    e kem assistiu e acha ke o rua ganhou deve estar maluco… o lyoto foi muito mais efetivo nos golpes , mesmo naum tendo nenhum golpe contundente a maioria de seus golpes acertam o seu adversário … o rua foi mais agressivo , foi sim mas ao mesmo tempo menos contundenta e efetivo , soltou muitos golpes no vazio … bom pra concluir achei ke a técnica do lyoto foi superior a agressividade do shogun… ambos sao ótimos lutadores mas a vitoria foi sim merecida .

  149. Micky Said,

    @Passion – Agreed
    So many people here are screaming “ROBBED” and that’s kind of stupid.
    I also remember this kind of reaction coming out after the Rampage vs Griffin fight, and I don’t think that was all that close of a fight.
    This however was a close fight. btw I wish someone would shut Rogan up during fights.
    Seriously what the hell is he doing there? He’s a comedian and not even a good one at that.
    Bleh, moving on.
    I saw Rua starting off well focusing on leg and bdy shots, while Machida threw shots conservatively seeming to look for a knockout shot all the while still landing almost as many shots a Rua. Machida feeds a bunch of solid knees to Rua and stops his takedown. Both just sit against the cage for a while. Round one Machida, just barely
    while in round two Machida was moving around a lot better had a quicker pace about him and landed some good shots while Rua landed some good kicks to the body and legs but a good number didnt go un-countered. Round Machida
    Round three Rua came back strong (albiet a little lackluster), controlling the fight and landing more blows (ver few but still a couple more) but was definintely pounded by Machida in the flurry at the end. Round Machida
    Rua looks to take the fight to Lyoto and in more dominant style than previously. Keeps up with the leg kicks and body shots, controls the pace throughout. Round four Rua.
    Round five both fighters looking to land good blows, niether really doing that much better than the other with a slight edge for Rua. Lyoto lands a group of solid knees, hear that idiot Rogan start babbling on about Rua landing a good combo. (Leg kick hit, right hand missed and body shot was blocked 1/3 is not a good combo)
    Rua works for the takedown again to no avail.
    Round ends. Even round, leaning to Rua… Barely.
    Judges must have saw it the same way as me, 48 for Machida across the board.
    Unanimous decision, nothing too controversial for my tastes.

    That’s how I saw it go down, don’t agree? Don’t like it?
    Write your own, don’t cry to me.

  150. Jeff Jarret Said,

    i definitely thought shogun won that, but glad that the judges scored it for machida. It just takes credibiity away from the title, if somebody could just throw a couple of leg kicks here and there, and expect to take the belt away. The belt should have a prestige that elevates it beyond a normal fight, and thats why we have 5 x 5 minute rounds. The only other credible argument for machida, was that he was counter punching those body kicks. he also landed more headshots. if somebody kicks you to the ribs, and you strike his head, the points are naturally going to go to you. yes shogun’s kick did more damage, but it wasn’t crippling, he wasn’t going to ever end the fight that way. whereas a strike to the head is very likely to end the fight, and is far more dangerous, even though shogun backed off each time and avoided any real trouble. i don’t know about you guys but Rogan and his co-hawk really do my head in. he talks so much crap, and is way too sensationalist. he didn’t acknowledge a single machida counter punch. and that whole statistic “shogun is the only fighter to defeat 2 ufc hall of famers in a row”. what the hell? who gives a monkey crap. you don’t just give out any stat you can find, “shogun is the only fighter against machida in a match entitled ‘shogun v machida’” stop trying to sell it moron, just give honest commentary. i’m no boxing fan, but at least the commentary is honest.

  151. Demetrios Said,

    There won’t be a quick rematch since Macheater can’t clear physical and has a 90 day suspention with FRACTURED RIBS.

  152. zach Said,

    Lyoto “THE-DRAGON” Machida looked good. Even though he took damage, he clearly won the fight. A fight is a game… just like b-ball, football, etc. you will take damage in a fight. But probably only 2 percent of the critics on here are actually fighters…

  153. Jacob Said,

    I don’t think Shogun got robbed, but I think he should have won that. Lyoto is a good fighter, he took some deep hits, and got beat up pretty bad, but he did put up a good fight.

    In the end, i think Shogun should have won that. And i agree with Zach, not all people on here are actually fighters, and have no experience; just because you took damage, doesn’t mean you lose the fight.

    Good fight either way.

  154. kokoy Said,

    machida won this fight, you guy are just waching kicks, look at the video again and look closely to punches.

  155. Izo Said,


  156. pitbull Said,

    Fuckin UFC…all marketing…shogun clearly won that fight..

  157. MMAMINDSET Said,

    Everyone needs to stop saying that Mauricio Shogun Rua was robbed. If you break down the fight, like a judge does, it is very easy to see the possibility that Lyoto Machida wins the first three rounds. Shogun was more of the aggressor but Machida was landing better percentages and more face shots and head kicks which means more to a ref than leg kicks. machida also landed many kness to the body which is a notable blow considering it is the most efficent way to do damage to the mid section. Rua did win the last two rounds without a doubt, but it wasnt enough to strip a champion from his belt. all we can do is accept the fact that Machida holds the beld, and we must wait for the remach.

  158. MMAMINDSET Said,

    Everyone needs to stop saying that Mauricio Shogun Rua was robbed. If you break down the fight, like a judge does, it is very easy to see the possibility that Lyoto Machida wins the first three rounds. Shogun was more of the aggressor but Machida was landing better percentages and more face shots and head kicks which means more to a ref than leg kicks. machida also landed many knees to the body which is a notable blow considering it is the most efficient way to do damage to the mid section. Rua did win the last two rounds without a doubt, but it wasn’t enough to strip a champion from his belt. all we can do is accept the fact that Machida holds the belt, and we must wait for the rematch.

  159. MMApsych Said,

    I’d have to say before this fight I thought Machida was going to destroy Shogun hands down, but after the fact I would have to give it to Shogun. Also for people complaining about the commentators making a huge fuss about shogun and not Machida what do you expect Lyoto hardly ever gets touched and shogun continuously landed strike after strike effectively with little difficulty regardless of what Rogan or Goldberg said. This bad judging has been happening to often lately, and if you read Cecil Peoples interpretation of the judging then Griffin would have hardly scored any points against Rampage nonetheless win the fight.

    anybody annoyed with the bad decisions should look at this link.

  160. Luke Said,

    I think that Lyoto deserved to win the fight, he got hit with hundreds of leg kicks, but defended shogun's take downs brilliantly, also he hit shogun with a few huge shots up against the cage, and he did more deadly punches. Its up to the judges to decide if punches punches to the head are better than leg kicks, But the judges definitely made the right decision.

  161. Hunter Said,

    i think shogun won, however he still does not deserve the belt. for me, he has to win by knockout or submission to be declared champ.

  162. JT-PCB_FL Said,

    I am a huge supporter of both fighters, I was excited for this fight but after watching Machida for so long I knew it wasn't going to be a blow out on either side.

    Rua is very well respected in the MMA world, Machida is too. You have too look at the history of the two, they trained together and were friends. They both knew what each other was capable of going into the fight so they were both forced into coming up with a game plan outside of the norm. Which can be challenging when you have such unique, and strong bases like they do.

    The same shit will happen if Machida fights Sylva…

    The rematch will be close to the same folks I hate to say it, only this time the fight will finish I can assure you. But don't expect a flamboyant display from either. They are both patient fighters, and if you brush up on your history of the two you will see they are both deserving of that belt.

    Do me one favor though, a friend of mine had me try this… If you think Rua got robbed, watch the fight with no sound. 100% focus on the fight and don't even pay attention to Joe Roagan stroking Rua's cock the whole fight. Remember that man is paid to make shit exciting and sell tickets, if he was a fighter he'd be in the ring.

    The fight is a lot different without sound… Just give it a shot.

  163. bush arendain Said,

    fuck the fucktard judges dude..fuck m.m.a. RUA for life pipz!

  164. Lyotofaan Said,

    It was a champion belt fight thats why machida won.. If rua wants belt he needs to at least knockdown machida then he will proof that he is better fighter. Now the fight was very close with a little shogun advantage.

  165. Cake-Head Said,

    Damm i wish Joe Rogan would shut the fuck up!!!

  166. WAR SHOGUN Said,

    When listening to Joe Rogan he was more on Lyotos side when the fighters were coming out… He had very many compliments to give Lyoto, however during the fight he knew who was winning the fight and was also said by the other commentator……. We real MMA fans know who really WON the fight and he will win it next time they fight to prove he is a bad a m f fighter WAR SHOGUN!!! Just got my SHOGUN walk out T shirt for this fight… Can't wait to walk in the bar with it when they rematch….

  167. ivanator Said,

    shoguns strategy was good but not efficient enough. the point is to TAKE the champions belt and shogun didnt do that. i wanted shogun to win personally, but machida truly DEFENDED his belt. and thats that. the judges scores were right, round by round shogun failed to take the win. a good fight nevertheless.

  168. D_einstien Said,

    Anyway the rematch will be on!! And we'll see who is the real champion. Still, i think Shogun deserved it .And if i were him i'd give Machida a good damn beating next match. Oh ,and fuck the judges.

  169. RandomHero Said,

    im a machida fan but i have to admit he shouldnt have got the win here

  170. MMA Supplements Said,

    Watching the fight is quite different without hearing the commentators.

    If i was a judge i would have thought machida had the first three rounds – all Rua threw were leg kicks.

    MMA Supplements

  171. LiNaK37 Said,

    Anybody who agrees with the judges deserves to die. Shogun deserved to win every round but the third. People keep saying that all Shogun did was land leg kicks, and Lyoto deserved to win because he landed more shots to the head. Shut the fuck up, you people make me sick with your outright lies. In the first round Shogun hit Lyoto in the face twice but Lyoto only hit Shogun in the face once. One face shot doesn't make a difference, but all of those leg kicks Shogun landed sure do. In the second round Lyoto landed one more face shot than Shogun but Shogun landed two times as much body shots and seven times more leg kicks. The third round was close, Lyoto landed 3 more head shots and 2 more body shots, while Shogun landed 9 more leg kicks. The third round could go either way but I'll go ahead and give it to Lyoto. In the fourth round they both only landed one face shot, but Shogun landed more body shots and more leg kicks. The fifth round wasn't even close, Shogun landed 6 more face shots and 5 more leg kicks, Lyoto only beat him in body shots in which he landed 4 more.

  172. LiNaK37 Said,

    Shogun gets round 1,2,4,5
    Lyoto gets round 3

    Shogun deserves that belt, who cares about having to get a ko to undo the champion, Shogun landed twice the amount of strikes Lyoto landed. Shogun wins.

  173. tom Said,

    I think Shogun really got the best of the Dragon in this fight. What a lot of people don't know about Shogun is that Lyoto has sparred with him on numerous occasions. Shogun was already kind of use to his style going into the fight. I think the rematch is going to be exciting!!!

  174. cristian Said,

    la desision fue correcta ,machida gano claro el 1.3.4 raond ,rua el 5 solamente y para mi empataron en el segundo , rua deja de llorar

  175. Sil Said,

    The first time i saw machida fight rashad i wondered to myself. why isn't rashad throwing leg kicks at him and why is he content with just faking. i saw this fight and was like Rua has a great game plan and dare i saw showed everyone in the LHW division how to beat machia?

    with that being said i'm a huge fan of both these guys from when both were in pride, and could make a sound arguement for both to win. whether it be robbert or not the judges believed Lyoto was better that night……..can't wait for the rematch i think both are going to try to go for broke on this one and won't hold back at all.

  176. Rangerbrown Said,

    You should have to submit or knock out a belt holder. I dont believe in point match competition for a belt.

  177. swcowboy08 Said,

    i deff agree with you if u shut the anouncers up lyoto squeks it out

  178. brandon Said,

    thank you for teling them about that leg kicks ,becuase that was the only thing ruo did ,kicking leg kicks what a strategi to win that title hahahahaha,,machida shotokan karate prowed the fucking mma ufc shit ,,that shotokan is the best,,machida has never lost a fight and he is a karate guy in ufc mma hahha,,what more can i say ,see the fact that machidas karate is best ,if it wasen´´t he will not be the champ without loses ,so fuck you all who dont love machida

  179. dkny Said,

    Machida won the first 3 round.. Shogun won the last 2 round.. What are the people complaining about?

  180. Yung Said,

    that was highway robbery shogun definitly won that fight i mean what fight were the judges watchin that night that was the biggest screw job i have ever seen bro shogun should be champ

  181. Schoolcraft Said,

    Shogun won, I cant be too bent out of shape. Ive watched this fight about 5 times trying to figure this out. Now that I am less biased about it because theres a rematch May 1st, I gotta say shogun won still, buut if they were gonna do it like that, they shouldve just made it a draw and let machida hold the belt til the rematch. That would make for a better rematch.

    Here is exactly how I think the rematch is gonna go;

    Machida and Shogun are gonna put on one hell of a show, but Shogun will have it. He started decoding Machidas style and breaking it down. Seriously, did you notice almost every punch Machida threw was missed bc shogun had a leg kick? Shogun has his timing down. Machida isnt going to be able to change his style enough to confuse Shogun. It could go either way, they are both the top in their division, but I still think Shogun is going to have it.

  182. szol Said,

    shogun was better but not as better to take belt form champion. You argue like it were standard fight.
    unonumous decision means that judges had the same opinion as me.

  183. stonefistx Said,

    lyoto won and shogun lose face it

  184. HenryD Said,

    well i think UFC need new judge. or diana white can get them some new glasses i dont know how can the judge think machida win they are dumb ass

  185. stacy Said,

    lol brock is next big think in ufc

  186. sleepyloco Said,

    shogun is the best…. hear the crowd….

  187. Wendy Said,

    I agree to that man

  188. Wendy Said,

    Definitely! You said it all man…

  189. Wendy Said,

    Commentators keep on announcing Shogun's strikes. But what about Machida's counter strikes? Shogun punished Lyoto's legs and definitely gave him the toughest fight so far in his career but I agree with the judges that he will have to do more than that to earn the belt.

  190. Wendy Said,

    Like what Lyoto said at Silva postfight: "Whatever! Whoever! I'm here!"
    I'm for "the Dragon" forever! Whatever! Whateveeerrrrr!

  191. tower Said,

    uh no if no one had a belt it would have been 3 rounds and lyoto one at least two of those …
    stupid logic

  192. jambo Said,

    shogun was robbed he landed the most damaging leg kicks and body kicks throughout the five rounds and actually hurt machida with a bodykick outscored him and beat him to the kicks all match machida landed some nice knees but other than that i think he was defo robbed

  193. masmotors Said,

    rematch lyoto by tko you see

  194. Spano Said,

    Machida won the first two rounds, the third was even, shogun won the next two. What’s all the ruckus about? Oh, you guys just listen to what the commentaters say and don’t actually watch the fight. Joe and Mike are biased towards Shogun all the way.

  195. Victor Said,

    Are you crazy, Machida was laughing at those pathetic low kicks; that's all Shogun was doing.

  196. victor Said,

    Did the commentators make you believe that… because both Joe and the other guy were being bias towards Machida.

  197. georges Said,

    ufc suck its a real jokes

  198. georges Said,

    dont cry go download the fight c mon

  199. patrick222 Said,

    Cmon guys that wouldve been a disgrace if lyoto lost his belt to such a close fight. Shogun and his bitchy supporters need to stop whining. Shogun needs to take some risks and not be a pussy next time. Never leave it in the judges hands…

  200. GoLyoto33443 Said,

    to think if shogun woulda just finished like a man you woulda saved a few hours

  201. malcolm Said,

    jorge wat is u tlkin bout the dragon should of won dnt blame him tht he won dnt get mad at da juges or him becuz he got better skills then shogun nd those leg kicks wasnt doin anything 2 the dragon he was laughing every time he did come on y do u think they call him the dragon nd pluz dat waz the only thing he waz doin just face it rua lost come on now

  202. My New Header « Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth Said,

    [...] “Shogun” Rua hitting Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida with an overhand right at UFC 104.  Shogun ended up losing that fight by decision and the two will be fighting again in the near [...]

  203. eastvanfan Said,

    jeez , i cant believe what im reading here. have any of you guys seen the strike count from video review .
    theres no way machida won, and regardless of who you were going for, a fighter always knows if hes won or not which explains why machida was near speechless when he was asked if he thought he won.

  204. jb1361 Said,

    nothing to do with decision but Joe Rogan is the biggest shogun rump swab. I have lost all respect for him as an analyst. His drooling over shoguns leg kicks was embarrassing. Never once did I hear him make even a comment about the shots that machida landed and even when he did all you heard was rogan say 'wow, shogun just landed a hard counter' what a joke. only when pushed did he mention, 'yea, machida landed a bunch of shots'.

  205. SEAN Said,

    that was such a robbery.i love machida and he lost all 5 rounds.

  206. john Said,

    The first 3 rounds is all that mattered in this fight. Turn the sound off and pause the fight after every shot and write it down do that for the first three fights. Rua threw tons of kicks and punches that hit nothing but air and remember machida gets points for stuffing the takedown rua gets none for a failed attempt. I had machida out striking him 12-6 1st 14-8 2nd 21-12 3rd. Machida landed some great knees in these rounds hence the extreme redness to ruas mid section. Rua won rounds 4 and 5 easily but at that point he needed to go for the knockout and he didnt do it cause his corner told him he won the first 3 and they were dead wrong. machida easily won this fight on points and keep in mind head shots do count more and I didnt even factor that in. The only possible argument would be for a 10-8 round in the 5th and that would have made it a draw. but i didnt see it that way.

  207. Dan Said,

    Absolutely robbed! Shogun clearly won that fight!

  208. antonio ferrer Said,

    Personalmente creo que para llevarse el titulo hay que hacer mas. ko al campeon. Para decirlo en criollo te queres llevar el cinturon noquealo papi.

  209. monkspade Said,

    U guys are fuckin idiots the dragon won the announcers were so one sided that that you guys thought shogun won. Dont get me wrong I love brazil and it fighers and trust me I hate most American fighters like brock, but everytime shogun got the leg in the dragon snap one two or three fists into his face. The dragon also got more body shots in, but shogun got way more leg shots in. It based on more leg kicks vs more body shots and face shots. I taught they were even on the grapping those.

  210. Matthew Said,

    So what would you say matters more for scoring in mma? hit count or damage count? Because it seems like Shogun did both (and yes, I saw the counter punches by Lyoto). In a non-biased evaluation, I would say that shogun won. Based on the fact that he was the aggressor, landing harder and more effective hits to Machida's legs and body than Machida could come up with from his counter strikes and two or three flurries (note that Machida also took effective counters from these flurries), I give my vote to Shogun. Can't wait for the rematch!

  211. aoa Said,

    I dont know what everyones complaining about, that was the closest fight i've ever seen. It might as well have been a draw.

  212. oscar Said,

    tomorrow is may 8

  213. Diego Said,

    MACHIDA IS VERY DANGER, machida is the better of all the fighters. MACHIDA SIEMPRE BUSCA EL KO. machida, machida, machida !!!!!!

  214. DIEGO Said,

    Machida you can win by k.o., you just have to open more legs for blocking the impact of the shogun kicks. Remember, YOU ARE THE BEST.I BELIEVE IN IT.

  215. Morpheus Said,

    Thanks for the upload. I wanted to see this fight again before I watch their rematch tonite. I agree that Shogun did not get "robbed", but he did win the fight. No doubt.

    If Rua wins tonite, & I am expecting that to happen, I wanna see him fight Anderson Silva, as I think he can beat the Spider.

  216. joe Said,

    why does it say ufc 104

  217. alexthegreat38 Said,

    Yeah, in my eyes Machida only won the first round. While Lyoto may have landed more strikes throughout most of the last few rounds, Rua's were obviously far more damaging, including some nasty hooks, elbows, and devastating leg kicks. You can see Machida's movement starts to go in the fourth and fifth rounds.

    49-46 for your winner, and new UFC Light Heavyweight Champion of the World, Mauricio "Shogun" Rua

    Yeah these judges were full of crap, however I'm glad they gave them the rematch and I'm also glad that Machida got KTFO'd.

  218. Ken Said,

    Joe Rogan is great example of a douche bag that always one sides a fighter. He will only point out the stuff that happens to the fighter he favors more.

  219. Shaddy Walter Said,

    For me, Machida is the winner. You are just making issues on the fight. It is official declared. Sportmanship is important than making any false statements. Machida is the is the best! Go Machida!

    Miraclesuit Swimwear

  220. Kick some Ass Said,

    rofl ur all missing the point more fans wanted machida win so the bet money on him so he won dana white only cares about money.

  221. Maurico Rua vs Lyoto Machida | RM Sports Said,

    [...] View the entire story here RECOMMENDED LEAVE A [...]

  222. Maurico Rua vs Lyoto Machida | RM Sports Said,

    [...] View the entire story here RECOMMENDED LEAVE A [...]

  223. minecraft games free Said,

    This website was… how do I say it? Relevant!!
    Finally I have found something that helped me. Thanks a lot!

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