Belfort Discusses Surgery, Return

Posted by MMA-Hits On February - 12 - 2010

“I’ve already had the surgery on my left shoulder,” Belfort said. “Actually Lorenzo (Fertitta) was aware that I was feeling really bad pain in my shoulder for a long time. I’ve already had three injections since I was scheduled to fight Fedor, but lately the pain got really unbearable and my doctor decided to take an (MRI) and it showed chronic injury that was getting worse. My doctor, Michel Simoni, said that if I did not stop and do the surgery immediately, I was running serious risk of my shoulder going out of place. Also I was already losing the power of my left arm. How could I fight (without) my strongest hand?”

Once the doctor said that the sooner Belfort had the surgery, the sooner he could return, the fighter notified Fertitta of his decision to do it. Belfort said the UFC co-owner supported his decision.

“I’m feeling good, and according to the doctor, in four months I can start returning to training little by little. Now I have a long journey of work with physical therapy every day. I think before the end of the year, I’ll be back in the Octagon. No matter if it’s fighting for the belt or not, I’ll be back 100 percent.”

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11 Responses so far
  1. SWISHEV Said,

    So much injuries, hard life being a fighter

  2. ???? Said,

    any news on who might be replacing him?

  3. junkie Said,

    damien maia will be his replacement. i really dont think maia is ready for anderson yet though

  4. MMA Supplements Said,

    geez – no offense to maia, but was hoping to see vitor with the W.

    MMA Supplements

  5. Yord Said,

    I thought it was going to be Cheal Sonnen.

  6. Said,

    Hardy's got the best chance, followed by Edgar, and lastly Maia

  7. max Said,

    hardy gonna pay for three beautiful round like bj imo

  8. jclately Said,

    this sucks, really want to see silva knocked from the top spot and thought that vitor had a real shot. maia's light-years behind him in terms of stand-up ability, it's not a fight that excites me at all.


    Wow, it looks like Maia is in and Sonnen will have to wait until his inuries heal. We're looking at some very good fighters with bright futures fighting for titles that just aren't ready yet (Edgar, Maia, & Hardy), but being MMA, anything can happen.

    At least we'll see the all the champions back in the cage this year, I guess out of the 3 afforementioned, I give Hardy the best chance to catch GSP with a big punch early, other than that, it'll pretty much be business as usual.

    Anyone else care to give an opinion on who has the best chance out of the 3.

  10. Officer Krupke Said,

    I just hope that Maia doesn't pull guard everytime he gets tagged, a la Thales Lietes, because lets face it, that is the only real oprtion available to him. Silva will just do the clever thing and wait for him to stand up. This will be a dull fight for sure. I hope that silva knocks him out, but for that he is going to need Maia to stand up with him, and i am sure that is not even in maia's contemplation.

  11. Sgt. McCabroll Said,

    i predict a flying leg scissor to a heel hook submission win for maia

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