‘He Should Shut The Fu*k Up!’


It’s no secret that former world champion boxer Paulie Malignaggi was less than pleased with the footage of him getting his arse kicked while sparring with Conor McGregor that was leaked in the run up to August 26.

He made that abundantly clear through a series of interviews and statements on social media but, while the world has moved on from the mini-feud, Malignaggi appears unable to let it go.

And now it’s got to the point where UFC colour commentator Joe Rogan felt the need to say what we’re all thinking. Speaking on his podcast with Brendan Schaub, Rogan went in on the moaning Malignaggi.

Schaub explained that the former boxer had recently doubled down and began to talk sh*t about the entire UFC. “Everyone knows I like Paulie but now Paulie’s talking sh*t to all the UFC,” he said.

This lit a fuse under Rogan’s arse: “Well, he should shut the fu*k up cos if he wanted to have a UFC fight, he could go over there and get his brain kicked in. He’s out of his mind. Stop talking. You’re a boxer. A very good boxer. Just shut your mouth.”

The first image of their sparring session

He wasn’t done with the verbal beatdown, though: “There’s literally a million people in the world that could grab you and strangle the life out of you and there’s not a goddamn thing you could do about it. Sorry, dude.

“Just don’t talk sh*t. They [the UFC] will give you a wrestler and he will punch your fu*king face into pulp and there’s not a goddamn you could do about it. Not a goddamn thing.”

This one really p*ssed him off

Things got heated at a pre fight media event when Malignaggi confronted McGregor

Rogan and Schaub then imagined how Malignaggi would go against different fighters who are a similar weight to him.

“What’s his weight class? Like 45 [145lbs]?” Rogan asked. “How bout you give him Ricardo Lopez. How bout you give him Yair Rodreguez? How bout that?”

“I mean, yeah, you [Paulie] don’t want that,” Schaub replied.

Schaub did manage to come up with a fighter who recently competed in the UFC that Malignaggi would have a good chance against: “You know who he could beat up though? CM Punk. He’d starch CM Punk.”

“He’d probably fu*k CM Punk up,” Rogan agreed.

Check out the entire conversation on the player below. It’s pretty damn funny.



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