Roy Nelson vs. Kimbo Slice TUF 10 commercial solved.

Posted by MMA-Hits On September - 28 - 2009

Some Sherdog forum detectives with a bunch of time on their hands have been busy cracking the case of the TUF10 commercial giving clues to the winner of the Roy Nelson vs. Kimbo Slice matchup for this week.

One poster masato@4nzix thinks he now has it solved. This comes after posted that Roy Nelson was seemingly in trouble with Kimbo laying down some heavy ground n’ pound on Big Country from that same commercial.

masato@4nzix post:

I took the image and had it digitally enhanced with a super-high pixellator program, and the TRUTH is this;

1. The fighters are not EITHER Kimbo, NOR Roy, as many people have been speculating; as we can clearly see them both in the background watching the fight.. Roy is there (with the hat on) – and Kimbo can clearly be seen eating a ham sammich.

2. The referee is also NOT Yves Lavigne as others have been pointing out… it is BAS RUTTEN. This leads us to believe that Bas is invited somewhere along the show as a guest referee, and possibly to settle the beef between him and Kimbo.

3. The 2 fighters are clearly RAMPAGE and RASHAD – obviously because of the A-Team movie, Dana decides somewhere along the line to have them settle their differences ON THE SHOW. This should make for GREAT TV ratings!!

4. Rampage is likely to have won that fight, as Rashad looks to be KTFO in a similar fashion as vs Machida. (poor Rashad)

So there you have it – we still can’t conclude who won between Kimbo and Roy, but at least this should clear up a lot of the speculation, and give us some juicy tidbits to look forward to.

Thank you technology!!

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5 Responses so far
  1. Anonymous Said,

    Thats some sweet super-high pixellation. You did a great job

  2. Josh Said,


  3. shaun Said,

    how do ya know its a ham sammich? lol

  4. John Said,

    wow wow wow


    Barring these ridiculously stupid photo shopped pictures, I’m guessing that Roy probably won the fight, seeing as the only excerpt they showed in the previews was Kimbo throwing a big right hand that seemingly connected to Nelsons jaw. This would leave most to think that Kimbo’s powerful right k.o.’ed or at the very least hurt big country real bad, and possibly Slice ending the fight with some ground and pound.

    On the other hand, had they showed Roy taking Kimbo down, then that would’ve led most to believe that Nelson probably finished Slice on the ground with a submission. But since they showed Kimbo doing what he does best, I think that was just to mislead viewers into thinking Kimbo might’ve won the fight (which is possible, but not probable).

    Roy by submission or decision!!!! But I do want Kimbo to win

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