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So do you want to read more about Jon Jones, the most controversial UFC fighter, rule breaker, gambler, and a man who has never learned his lesson and lost everything three times overnight? A superstar who currently fights for his survival? Here you can find all the news about the superstar fighter Jon Jones.

Are you interested in a cyberbully, a man who attacks everybody on social networks, from Flyweight to Heavyweight division? Conor McGregor hadn’t fought for a long period of time but his media attention and popularity are growing. For more Conor McGregor News.

And now, welcome to the most controversial brothers in the history of MMA the Diaz Brothers: Nate Diaz and Nick Diaz. Not only they make the world of UFC fun, but they are very active outside of it. Every aspect of their life might burden your mind and make you remember why you love this sport so much. And they are the huge fans of weed.

Are you hungry for the worst UFC trash-talker of all time? Nate Diaz is the man who is ready to challenge and humiliate his potential opponent every day, few months in a row, day by day? Nate Diaz is a man who will never give peace to his opponent. Even in the Octagon, he is known for slapping and taunting. You don’t want him to cling to your tail!

Nick Diaz, a fellow UFC fighter who always blames everybody else for his problems. A man who was telling that Carlos Condit is throwing spinning shit. A man who was penalized many times for marijuana abuse and his behavior. This man loves to irritate people. He even throws beer at them!

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