WATCH: Massive Bodybuilder vs. Rapper With Tattooed Eyeballs – Freakshow Fight!

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Rapper With Tattooed vs Bodybuilder

Throwback Sunday: KSW 39 ‘Colosseum’ went off with a bang in Poland, earlier this year as well as a bout involving infamous former World’s Strongest Man Mariusz Pudzianowski aka Pudzian, KSW also put on a freakshow fight between the giant former bodybuilder Robert Burneika, and a rapper with tattooed eyeballs, named ‘Popek Monster’.

Popek actually fought against Pudzian in his last MMA bout and although he lost the way of a devastating first-round knockout, the rapper wanted to test himself against another massive bodybuilder.

Fight Promo – Rapper vs Bodybuilder

Most of the fans thought Popek had no chance against the massive bodybuilder Burneika – but this time, the rapper was the one dishing out the punishment rather than receiving it.

As soon as the fight started, Popek went on the attack and landed a massive left hook to Burneika’s dome. The ex-bodybuilder was visibly rocked and never managed to recover.

Burneika managed to hold out for around 40 seconds, but the referee called an end to the contest when he was unable to fight back or adequately defend himself.

Check it out the Freakshow Fight:


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