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MMA Writers Wanted

MMAHits.com is currently searching for high-quality writers to contribute our website on a daily basis. We need writers who are passionate about Boxing/MMA industry.

Topics we love:

  • Fighters
  • Rumors
  • Boxing/MMA News
  • Fighter training sessions and nutrition
  • Coaches and MMA/UFC officials
  • Weigh-ins and statements
  • Fighters’ personal life
  • Boxing/MMA motivational /viral stories or videos
  • Boxing/MMA facts out of the ring

We are looking for superb-written articles about Boxing/MMA, interviews, press conferences, fights, social network posts, upcoming matches, penalties, injuries, trash talks, or anything related to this category.

Writing tone:

Very creative, friendly, casual, comprehensible, and highly professional. We want facts. Try to be as clear and precise as possible. The topic must be easy to understand.

We need creative writers with these features:

  • Superb knowledge of keywords and SEO.
  • Understanding of Boxing/MMA slang.
  • The ability to interpret the topic in a creative way that would keep the attention of the readers.
  • Superb knowledge of headlines and paragraph length.
  • Don’t repeat same things over and over, every sentence must bring a new fact.
  • Stay away from very long sentences.
  • Maximum dedication to the topic we give.
  • Have the sense to emphasize the most important facts in the text.
  • Follow the hottest and most eye-catching topics in Boxing/MMA.

Guidelines for contributing authors:

  • We have very high editorial standards, sometimes you will have to review the topic several times.
  • Inform the Editors about the fresh content ideas, and try to choose the best ones.
  • Your story must be interesting and push the reader to scroll to the end.
  • Title: Click-worthy and engaging, it must draw reader’s eye.
  • Divide the articles into paragraphs for easier understanding.  Paragraphs needn’t be longer than 3-4 lines, or 4 sentences.
  • Subheadings must lead the reader through the article and contain a keyword.
  • If you write rumors or viral stories, support it with proofs (press conference, social media post…).
  • Flawless grammar and error-free content.
  • The smallest detail makes the difference.
  • Inform Editors about the images you want to put in the post.
  • Break article into subsections and use subheadings wherever is needed.
  • We don’t want more than one or two high-quality youtube links in your articles.
  • Inform Editors if you want to put an internal link.

** Don’t include links to your blog in the article. You May include a small author bio at the end of the article with 1 link to your website and links to social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

* Remember to add MMAHits.com as a site that you contribute to in your blog/website.